Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog…two little words with BIG meaning at least for this mama!

I will admit that I let my two kiddos watch televistion.  I try to limit the amount to only 2 hours a day and they have to be age appropriate shows.  Mostly they watch Kipper or Angelina Ballerina (my daughter is mostly the choser of the shows).  When I decided to let the kiddos watch Word World a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea it would amount to anything.

So I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter was sitting next to me yesterday in the office and saw that she had written the words cat and dog.  She has been writing for awhile now but asking us to help her sound them out first.  Yesterday was a turning point because she didn’t ask for help, just wrote the words on her own!

Also I want to say that my son (who will be 2 at the end of March) is pointing out letters that he sees!  He asked me yesterday while we were in a cafe what a sign said 😀  My conclusion then is if you have to put your kiddos in front of the t.v. why not let them watch Word World?!


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