Who’s Who Wednesday: The Shaman Shack

Introduce yourself. My name is Cristy Parker.  I am a Nagual Shaman and have studied shamanism since 2000.  What brought me to the path of shamanism was that I was having very profound dreams that I knew were more then just dreams.  I begged for a teacher and finally 2 came into my life and my journey within my self began.     Where are you from? Celina Ohio

      What is your shop name? The Shaman Shack  What is the story behind the name?  My first Etsy store was Illumine.  I had no sales and was pondering about changing things.  My brother was selling his 3 acres that was budded up against our Grandfather and Grandmothers farm.  At first I was not interested, I had just gone to part time.  A week later, after my morning sitting in silence, looking deep within my self, I felt that I needed to contact him about the 3 acres.  I ended up selling my beloved Yaris to purchase three acres in Ft Recovery Ohio.  On the 3 acres sits a small primitive cabin.  The cabin was a shed that my Grandfather put there for storage.  My brother made a cabin out of the shed.  I looked at that cabin and immediately thought “The Shaman Shack”.  My husband confirmed this by repeating my words to me two days later.  From this I created a new Etsy store The Shaman Shack, it felt much more like me then Illumine.  I believe it was two weeks later I made my first sale. 


  How did you get started?  Is this your full-time gig?  No, this is not my full time gig.  I work part time with people who live with a developmental, physical challenges but this is ending.  I have brought in all the potential I needed to bring into expression.  I am now moving forward into Real Estate.  I can feel that there is potential within myself that I need to learn to express.  Real Estate is going to be my vehicle to assist me in bringing this expression forward.  Will I ever go full time on Etsy or into my healing work?  I don’t know but right now where I am at with Etsy is perfect for me.   What items do you sell?  I sell Holy Water, Holy Oils, Sacred Essence, Crystalline Potions, Essential Oils, Belvaspata and Kaanish Healings and crystals.  I would like to be adding Almines books, hide frame drums, Holy Water and Oil divination cards in the future. Which ones are your favorites to make?  I love making the Holy Water and Holy Oil and I love to assist people when they are ready to move out of old patterns and into their true essence.  It is difficult to look at yourself and see yourself truthfully because usually when we look within we find all that we tell ourselves that we are not.  This is the illusion.  It is underneath all that nasty stuff we feel that the real gem of our being lies.  It is like it is being stifled by anger, hatred, feeling of lack.  When someone contacts me and shares with me their issues they want to work on that opens a door for them and for me.  I usually find that their presence, their god self will stand before me in formelssness.  It is like they are standing before me in the physical but without the physical contraction.  People wonder how a long distance healing can take place but like when we are a sleep we leave our bodies, we do this when we are awake as well.  When I work with someone with the Holy Water and Holy Oil great shifting takes place.  There are 24 equations for the Holy Water and 24 for the Holy Oil.  You can heal greatly with one equation.  When I prepare a bottle for someone, I open in a alchemical ceremony and as I state each equation I call out 3 angels per equations.  There are 72 angels for the Holy Water alone and 72 for the Holy Oil.  As I sit with the equations calling them out and sitting with the persons being I am led through their inner landscape, stalking, following a thread that leads to another thread.  From this place of holyness, I work in oneness and at times can not tell if it is you are me that I am working on.  It is such an honor to work with others in this manner.    What inspires you?  Who influences you?  Almine, she is a Toltec Nagual, a mystic and the most impeccable, pure, profound being I have ever meet.  She is the one who has brought forth the angel healing modalities that I practice.  My goal is to be as vast as she is one day. 

black tourmaline in quartz

Describe your workspace.  My work space is a little room in my house that used to be a pantry, catch all room.  I have a small desk, 2 Victorian pieces of furniture, my book case of crystals and books, and an alter to hold some sacred items.  My sacred chamber room.     What book is near you right now?  9 of Almines books which are the most profound reading I have ever read and will continue to read.  There is so many layers to her sacred writing that when you read them for the second or third time it is like reading them for the first time.  Many insights and deeper information comes through.  I also have The Book of Stones for crystal information of there deep meanings.

 Describe your creative process. My creative process comes from living and watching my environment.  I will get insight or an idea at any given moment.  I am always evolving and changing stuff around.  With my Holy Oils and Waters I will get pushed by the angels to go deeper into my work.  They will give me insights through my environment, I can feel them pushing me towards something within.  The angels love this work just as much as I do and find the creativity to be a fun journey.  This store is as much as theirs as it is mine. (I can feel them right now wanting to build up the Etsy store even more, LOL.  “Get them cards done.”  they say) What is your creative style?  My creative style is a bit choppy and sporadic.  I put so much of myself into my work that I have not found my balance with it yet.  I suppose that is why I am not ready to go full time with my Etsy store.   How do you stay motivated? It is the great sacredness that keeps me motivated.  When I work with these sacred healing modalities it is the place of holy sanctity.  I want to walk in this  sacredness, be this sacredness were every I go.  Tea or coffee?  2 cups of Coffee, that’s it.  I love warm coffee in the morning with milk and agave.


Do you think feedback is important?  Yes, feedback is important for other to see what my product is about.  When I go to purchase something, amazon, Etsy, I always check out the feedback because I want to know about the item I am purchasing.  How can you turn around negative comments?  Negative comments are just areas that need to be seen.  If I a am especially triggered then I know there is something within myself that is striving to be heard.

Are you on any teams at Etsy?  I am on 5 teams, 1 healing guild, 2 success teams and 2 that are Ohio teams.  Which one are you most active? I am most active on Etsy Success and out of all of them Etsy Success has the most traffic.   There was no team that represented healing on Etsy and so I started the Natural Healing Guild.  I felt I wasn’t giving the team what it needed to evolve and so I gave up captain to ecofriendlyfreckles who changed the name to Natural Healing Guild.  She is doing such a fantastic job with the healing guild.     Do you think they are helpful?  I think they are helpful.  It is nice connecting with other, you can ask questions, get some feedback.  Also others will ask a question that may spark an idea for me. 


How do you feel about your life right now? I love my life, my journey.  I love not knowing what is coming and I let go of where I have been.  If I am looking backwards it is to see what I have missed.  Etsy is fun and it brings out potential/creativity in me that I didn’t know I had.  Yesterday my son was helping me with my photos and he had so many good ideas.  We walked through the yard, setting up the photos, snapping pictures.  This is what having an Etsy store has brought into my life.    Any advice for new Etsians or those wanting to take the plunge into selling their artwork?  There is no failure there is only self discovery. 


Wolves or Mountain Lions?  I am the wolf howl in the night, the one who runs with her pack in complete oneness.  I am the Mountain Lion who lays in the warmth of the sun, who sits in alone stillness completely content with her being. 



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2 Comments on “Who’s Who Wednesday: The Shaman Shack”

  1. Sandy Parker
    June 9, 2011 at 19:49 #

    Great Job Cristy! You’re doing all the right things.

  2. June 11, 2011 at 06:30 #

    Thank you Sandy for your friendship and your support.

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