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1WORD Wednesday: JUMP

beach jump
BleuOiseau Photography

The Shutterbug Eye

Treasury Tuesday: A boy and his dog

My inspiration today comes from this wonderful watercolor I recently bought for my son’s room:

I just simply love this picture! Every time I look at it, I get emotional…it is just so sweet. Anyhoo, here is my treasury for today, I hope you enjoy it!

‘A boy and his dog’ by BleuOiseau

Newsboy Cap PDF Sewing Patte…


Bicycle Print on Paris Stree…


Plaid Dog Collar – Kelly Pla…


12X12 Modern Vintage Giclee …


Woodland Photograph, Autumn,…


Boys PANTS Sewing Pattern PD…


Beach Dog – Black dog sand b…


Passport Cover – Across the …


Black Dog Tavern, Martha’…


java musette bag from real c…


Remember The Little Things -…


Early Morning


Personalized Birch Wood Vase…


Wall-E Photo Art Print Golde…


Toddler Boys Snap Shirt Ocea…


I want to ride my vintage ol…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Mosaic Monday: Running with a five year old

I normally run on Sundays with my neighbor.  When she told me she wouldn’t be up for it, I thought okay I will go by myself (which is what I normally would do).  But I paused for a moment and saw my little chicky pass me in the hallway.  Hmmm, I thought, why not take her?  I could do a short run because really I wasn’t in the mood to go myself.

She was game and so we headed out on my normal 3ish mile run.  The start is a pretty steep hill out the driveway.  I asked her if she wanted to run up it or walk.  She said RUN!  That’s my girl 😀  She did really awesome and we walked when she felt “tired” and ran when I felt it was “time”.  At one point, she asked me if my legs were tired and sore.  I said no they weren’t and she replied that hers were (so stinkin’ cute) and so we walked.

The conversation was very light and fun.  We talked about the trees and the leaves.  She kept commenting how nice it was to hang out and what a nice morning it was.  It reminded me that our children just want to hang out with us, they want that special time with their parents.  That one on one connection with our children when we have two or more is so important to them.  I am happy that she came along with me and hopefully she will want to do it again 😀

Feature Friday: Bread and Badger

Bread and Badger is the husband and wife team of Amanda and Sean Siska. Amanda creates the art and runs the online side of things, and Sean does the sandblasting. Together, they make original glassware to help you express your personality through your housewares.

They create glassware that is sandblasted using handmade stencils of their original artwork. Their high quality new, recycled and reclaimed materials make long-lasting functional artwork for everyone.

I think they are pretty rad myself…hmm, some really great ideas here for Christmas!  My two year old was pretty stoked to see the guitar juice glass 😀

1 Mustache Glass Etched aqua

This limited edition mustache cup is made from aqua blue recycled glass. It has tiny bubbles under the surface like most recycled glass. There will be some variation in shape and size, since this is a hand blown glass tumbler.

This is the perfect size for a cocktail, egg nog, spiced cider, or juice for kids. It’s thicker than any other glass in our shop.


This tumbler is made from 100% recycled window glass by the Aurora Glass foundry in Oregon, which is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to homeless and low-income people. A portion of your purchase goes directly to their wonderful charity.  How cool is that?!

**Very limited quantity, sold individually.**

How awesome is this knitting shot glass?  I know my fellow knitchers out there would love this!

They have a ton of other cool items, like soap dispensers, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers.  So go and check out their shop and tell them ashinbleu sent you 😀

Check out their Etsy: Quit Your Day Job feature here:

You can also keep up with them at the following links:

Le livre du jour: How to Be a Sister

What a surprise I received yesterday!  My husband bought me the book, How to Be a Sister:  A Love Story with a Twist of Autism by Eileen Garvin.  It so happens that I now know this amazing and beautiful and awesome woman.  We met while planning the Hood to Coast relay and ran it together on the 26th of August.  She is simply amazing and so much fun to be around!  I knew she wrote the book ages ago and before meeting her I knew I wanted to read it, but never got around to buying it.  Well, having the awesome husband I do (and the fact he was shopping on Amazon), he bought it for me.  I read a couple of pages last night and cannot wait to read some more…check it out for yourself!



1WORD Wednesday: ORANGE

BleuOiseau Photography

Maple Leaves

262/365 09.19.2011
Dotti Rinehart

Solitary Specimen
The Shutterbug Eye

BleuOiseau Photography

Maple Leaf On A Web

The orange chair found a friend
The Shutterbug Eye

Mosaic Monday: Hello Etsy!

I was so lucky and grateful to attend the satellite Hello Etsy! event in Portland, Oregon this Saturday.  I volunteered and drove out to Portland in the morning…traffic was minimal and my new awesome HTC phone helped me navigate the city 😀

The conference was AWESOME!  I am highly impressed with the staff over at I Heart Art PDX. They did a really great job organizing this huge event and the classes I attended were great too.

Here are links to the lovely ladies that taught the 3 classes I attended:

My first class from the lovely Andrea Mansfield titled:  Tasty Branding:  How to Turn Your Creative Brand into an Experience.

The keynote with Duane Sorenson of Stumptown Coffee and Rebecca Pearcy of Queen Bee Creations was awesome too and can be heard here:

My second class was from the totally rad and funny Kim Werker titled:  Embracing the Ugly Side of Your Business.

The last class was from the wonderful Jackie B. Peterson titled:  Better, Smarter, Richer:  Seven business principles for solo and creative entrepreneurs.

Favorites Friday: Random lovelies

These are some random lovelies that I gathered from the first page of my favorites:

1. Summer thistles by floresdelsol

2.  Leaf Letterpress note card set by sweetharvey

3.  Ayr Beach by Amy Paterson Photography

4.  Maple Tweed dress by repurposeful

5.Recycled whale change pouch by broundoor


Le livre du jour: Les Trois Cochons

I have my Louisiana artwork hanging at the White Salmon Library until the end of September.  So what better way to get my name out there than to embarrass my self by reading a story in Cajun French at story time, right?!  Haha!  I thought it would be cool to read the story Les Trois Cochons to the kiddos today.  It is a book that my mom bought for my kids.  I have been trying to teach my kids French little by little. 😀

This is a cute Cajun version of The Three Little Pigs with a very funny ending in my opinion (even though I love wolves).  It isn’t all in French just pieces of words, short sayings and it has the translation at the bottom.  Very cool!

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Ca c’est dommage! Den I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your rice-stalk house in!” yelled the loup-garou.
Happy reading ya’ll!!

1WORD Wednesday: NIGHT

silhouette of musicians on stage
BleuOiseau Photography


Honolulu at Night
Dotti Rinehart

The Shutterbug Eye