Le livre du jour: Doodle Stitching

In the winter, a bunch of my friends and I get together one night a week and host a knitting night.  I tried knitting the first couple of years and only ever made scarves.  So about a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine joined the group as an embroiderer.  I asked her to show me some techniques and have been hooked ever since!!  I haven’t done much lately with the photography gig and all but I am so looking forward to some fun projects this winter.  Here is the book she introduced embroidery to me with:

And here are a few pics of some of my projects I have completed since starting embroidery:

My favorite piece to hand embroider so far, so sad to give up but it was for a friend who watched my dog for 2weeks!

This is a picture my daughter drew that I transferred to a blanket and stitched...it isn't complete in this picture but I did finish it!

Here is another picture my daughter drew when she was much younger that I thought was cool enough to put on some t-shirts 😀

These became so addictive that I made a ton in the beginning and tried to come up with my own design...I have a bat if anyone wants it 😀


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2 Comments on “Le livre du jour: Doodle Stitching”

  1. September 10, 2011 at 20:32 #

    This looks like way too much fun! Seriously, you could sell those on Etsy without a problem.. How long did they each take?

    • September 10, 2011 at 21:57 #

      Thanks….they are a ton of fun to make! I was going to sell them on Etsy instead of my photography but my husband said I could never make enough for the time it takes. So depending on how much I want to get creative (all different style embroidery vs. say just backstitching) it could take at least a couple of days especially with watching my two year old 😀

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