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Mosaic Monday: Ma Louisiane artshow

My artwork has been up in the White Salmon library’s Sprint/Baker Gallery since the beginning of September and will last till the end of the month.  I had an artist’s reception on the 9th.  It was awesome with all my wonderful friends coming out to support me!

My show was based on art from Louisiana, my home state.  It ranged from photos from New Orleans to swamps to my favorite lake near Lafayette.  I showcased mostly framed prints but also a couple of my reclaimed wood panels, a metal print and a thinwrap.  I also found a self-portrait from my film photography class in college and even wrote a poem 😀


The poem reads:

Where I’m From

–Ashleigh A. Coyner

I am from bare feet on a sunny day

to cartwheels in the front yard.

I am from fried catfish and hushpuppies.

I am from crawfishin’ in the bayou

to boiled shrimp on the picnic table.

I am from hurricanes and Bourbon Street.

I’m from chicory coffee and a good pecan pie.

I am from bonjour to mon cher,

from fais do-do to mardi gras.

I am from sweet potatoes and iced sweet-tea,

from Atchafalaya to Pontchartrain.

I am Louisiana homegrown.

Bonfire series and New Orleans

New Orleans and start of swamp photos

Swamp photos (and yes some of these are from the area where Swamp People is filmed :D)

If you are in White Salmon, please stop by and check out my artwork.  I am also going to read Les Trois Cochons at storytime this Wednesday.

Happy Monday ya’ll!!