Archive | September 19, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Hello Etsy!

I was so lucky and grateful to attend the satellite Hello Etsy! event in Portland, Oregon this Saturday.  I volunteered and drove out to Portland in the morning…traffic was minimal and my new awesome HTC phone helped me navigate the city 😀

The conference was AWESOME!  I am highly impressed with the staff over at I Heart Art PDX. They did a really great job organizing this huge event and the classes I attended were great too.

Here are links to the lovely ladies that taught the 3 classes I attended:

My first class from the lovely Andrea Mansfield titled:  Tasty Branding:  How to Turn Your Creative Brand into an Experience.

The keynote with Duane Sorenson of Stumptown Coffee and Rebecca Pearcy of Queen Bee Creations was awesome too and can be heard here:

My second class was from the totally rad and funny Kim Werker titled:  Embracing the Ugly Side of Your Business.

The last class was from the wonderful Jackie B. Peterson titled:  Better, Smarter, Richer:  Seven business principles for solo and creative entrepreneurs.