Archive | September 26, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Running with a five year old

I normally run on Sundays with my neighbor.  When she told me she wouldn’t be up for it, I thought okay I will go by myself (which is what I normally would do).  But I paused for a moment and saw my little chicky pass me in the hallway.  Hmmm, I thought, why not take her?  I could do a short run because really I wasn’t in the mood to go myself.

She was game and so we headed out on my normal 3ish mile run.  The start is a pretty steep hill out the driveway.  I asked her if she wanted to run up it or walk.  She said RUN!  That’s my girl 😀  She did really awesome and we walked when she felt “tired” and ran when I felt it was “time”.  At one point, she asked me if my legs were tired and sore.  I said no they weren’t and she replied that hers were (so stinkin’ cute) and so we walked.

The conversation was very light and fun.  We talked about the trees and the leaves.  She kept commenting how nice it was to hang out and what a nice morning it was.  It reminded me that our children just want to hang out with us, they want that special time with their parents.  That one on one connection with our children when we have two or more is so important to them.  I am happy that she came along with me and hopefully she will want to do it again 😀