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Mosaic Mondays: Pumpkins!

What would Halloween be without pumpkins?  Boring I say!  And how cool that Halloween is falling on one of my Mosaic Mondays?!  😀  Even cooler.  The carved pumpkins are some from last year that we did at a party.  My husband actually won a prize for the pumpkin with the tie.  I on the other hand cannot carve, so I just take pictures 😀  The little pumpkins are some that I picked up a couple of weeks ago just for these kind of shots.  Hope you enjoy and have a safe and very happy Halloween!!


Happy Monday Ya’ll 😀

Feature Friday: Sometimes I Swirl

Midwestern girl who finds inspiration in surrealism, Paul Klee, and black-and-white art of all kinds, Sarah Hennessey has always been an avid drawer/doodler and loves to play with painting mediums, too. Her weapon of choice is the archival ink pen, which allows her to have a lot of control and get detailed in every drawing. She doesn’t set out to swirl, the spiraling movement just comes out in almost any new composition, so she’s learned to just embrace it. 🙂

If anyone has tried to make a TON of French knots, then you know how Ah-mazing Sarah’s work is!  I have been thinking about French knots lately and even had a project to start but lost it somewhere.  She has totally inspired me to try them again.

Here are a few of her pieces, as you can see, she does more than French knots!

French Knots Embroidered Color Progression Hoop from Evergreen to Mint, A Color Study in Green- - 5 inch Hoop Fiber Wall Art

Personalized Letter E with Black Swirls, Hand-Drawn Monogram, Initial Art - 8x10 Print

Hand Embroidery Art with Abstract Autumn Leaf in Brown, Orange, Burgundy, Plum, Cream, and Peach - 6 inch Hoop Fiber Art

Black and White Ink Pen Drawing - The Tree With a Tiny City 8x10 PRINT

You can check her out here:




1WORD Wednesday: Y E L L O W

It's a bugs life.
David Wheaton

295/365 10.22.2011
Dotti Rinehart

Goldenrod Part II
The Shutterbug Eye

Sunflower giving
Marisa Cieloha

Treasury Tuesday: Let the cold winds blow

Brrh!  It is cold outside…especially at 0615 in the morning when I finally decided to get back into running shape!  Luckily I had on some warm running gear and got toasty quick.  Here are a few items to celebrate that change in temperature. 😀

lace knitted scarf victorian…


Mint Chunky Silk and Bead &q…


Winter Holiday Decor falling…


O Christmas tree – fuzzy fel…


Large Photo – Nature Photogr…


Sterling Silver SPOON RING: …


GREEN Fingerless gloves with…


felt balloon birthday card -…


Red slouchy hat with bobble


Christmas Card – Winterscape…


Christmas Ornament Embroider…


winter nature photograph / f…


Chocolate Lovers Gourmet Mar…


Buy 1 Get 1 Free This Week -…


cashmere fingerless gloves i…


Back to roots stacking ring


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Monday Mosaic: Mt. Hood in the Fall


Who would have thought going up to the mountain would have been fun without all the snow?  Well it was!  It was pretty cool seeing all the empty ski lifts…looking at them without worrying about getting hit by passing skiers or snowboarders.  And it was cool that is was moody up there.  Lots of colors in the grass with fog rolling in and a peek at Mt. Hood.

It turned out to be one more place to have fun with the family…and take photos 😀  For fun, I tried out the Hockneyizer at Big Huge Labs for this picture:



Happy Monday Ya’ll!!


Favorites Friday: Birds

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE birds!  I would love to be an ornithologist 😀  I talk about birds with my kiddos, I go birding with my family, I stalk the birds in my backyard…in fact, my zoom lens is ready and waiting for that hummingbird to come back to my penstemon.  I am going to teach an after school class in November on birds for grades K-4 and I am so excited!

So my favorites today are showcasing some cool items with birds.  Some really cool stuff out there and here are only a few of my favorites:

1.  I was lucky enough to go to Scotland and see this little bird in person.  How cool to have a blue tit on a ceramic cup!

2.   I absolutely love watercolor and this puffin watercolor is no exception 😀

3.  Handmade buttons!  With owls!  Enough said.

4.  My kiddos are obsessed with penguins right now and rightfully so.  They would love these minatures though I would probably keep them to myself!

5.  This is a cool idea for a wedding…wish I knew about it 7 years ago.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

1WORD Wednesday: S M I L E

BleuOiseau Photography

Fantastikal Faerie
The Shutterbug Eye

The Guys
David Wheaton

290/365 10.17.2011
Dotti Rinehart

Treasury Tuesday: Female Power

I joined this awesome treasury team last week and they totally rock!

‘Female Power’ by BleuOiseau

Lovely items from the ladies of the Female Power team.

Retro Christmas ornaments – …


Aesthetic Voyager -Mystic Fo…


Picasso Czech Glass beads – …


owl personalized pouch with …


Burnt Orange Mother Of Pearl…


Pippi. Art pocket doll. Min…


Black Green Chic Adjustable …


Autumn, yellow leaves – Autu…


Handmade light box display -…


Blossom Whispers – 8×10 Phot…


knitted tube scarf – cowl – …


faceted light mint green gla…


Awesome Print, You and Me Pr…


Isa, soutache earrings with …


Pumpkin Pie Framed Button Ar…


summer dusk nature silhouett…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Monday Mosaic: The Mask

Rarely do I plan a photo shoot.  Seriously, I don’t plan my pictures though I really should.  So when I knew I would receive a mask from the female photographers of Etsy team, I had some planning to do.  Where oh where would I take a picture?!  I mean there isn’t any shortage of cool places around here and who would be my model?

Luckily I had just discovered a “secret” beach on the Klickitat River and knew it was the perfect place for a photo shoot.  I also know the coolest teenager around (she happens to be my babysitter!).  So I had the place and the model–yes!  I got some cool pictures and actually had the mask a little longer and played with it around my garden with my daughter.

I am totally inspired by Lee Tracy’s World River Project and am in the designing/planning stages of something local for next year. Here’s to planning 😀


Favorites Friday: Knitted goodness

Better late than never!  I almost spaced on my favorites…sorry about that.  I was putting together a portrait showcase for my babysitter 😀

Any way, I thought I would showcase all the cool knitted items I have favorited lately.  And with the weather turning much colder, it couldn’t be better timing!

1.  I don’t know what I love more about this knitted cap, the little boy wearing it or how it was shot (love the colors). myhobbyshop

2.  I LOVE slippers and these are just way too cute! FiveSisterz

3.  I so wish I was a better knitter!  This cardigan is so awesome and would look rockin’ on my kiddos 😀 sweetKM

4.  This is gorgeous!  Just what I need for that ladies night out or a date with the hubby! tricomania

5.  This is too adorable that it is sad my little girl is no longer a baby 😦  wollydolly

Do you have any favorite knitted pieces?  Please share them in the comments!