Archive | January 7, 2012

Selfie Saturday: Week 1

So I started this 52 week project called {In the Picture} with UrbanMuser.  I am pretty excited because I am usually never in the picture.  I am thinking at the end of this I will make a book out of all my photos so that my children will have something to remember me by.

The theme for January is “a piece of me” and the shot I chose is actually one I took two years ago in Virginia.  It is of my tattoo.  This tattoo is real important to me.  I saved and dreamed of this tattoo for months.  You see I LOVE wolves, always have.  Even when I was living in Louisiana, I would think about them, advocate for them and wish I was a wolf biologist (second only to being an ornithologist).

As I look back at this picture, I remember this is the year I ran the Portland Marathon.  I trained hard that summer, even running 28 miles in the Virginia heat.  I remember on those long runs that I nicknamed the wolf and my associated tattoo as a W.O.L.F. r…woman on a long f*@%n run…because if you didn’t know, wolves can run up to 50miles a day searching for food 😀