Feature Friday: Le Petit Elefant

I am not sure when I discovered this wonderful Etsy shop but sure am glad I did!

My son has just moved to a big boy bed that his daddy built for him (pictures coming soon).  His decor is in need of serious change.  I took down the somewhat gender neutral wall stickers of trees but couldn’t decide on a theme for his room.  Did I want it to be aggressively boy with cars and trains or did I want something more subtle.  Granted he loves the Cars movies and all their characters.  I even have a few pictures of those characters and thought about making him a big collage of them.  But I didn’t want that to define him.

So in comes Le Petit Elefant and her amazing artwork.  I love her classic scenes of childhood, scenes that neither define or confine a boy (or girl) to one stereotype.  I love that her artwork will last years and one day my son can give that same artwork to his children.  Pure classics.

From her profile page:

I’m a nomadic addict who can’t stay in one place for more than six weeks so I’ve been all over the world collecting stories & various materials (like 30 yards of silk from Punjab, India to volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand) for my art. I take full advantage of the fact that my work is portable and begs movement & adventure for inspiration. So needless to say, everything I make whether paper or plush, custom or already existing, is sincerely made with silliness, a child-like disposition, and intention to make you smile.

These are the 3 that I chose for my son’s room:

love the fun depicted in this illustration

my son (and really any kid) loves cardboard boxes!

love the sentiment in this illustration


















































These will be perfect in his room and I cannot wait to receive them!

Find out more about Le Petit Elefant:

Etsy shop





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2 Comments on “Feature Friday: Le Petit Elefant”

  1. January 20, 2012 at 14:13 #

    Such beautiful drawings! He will look at those for years and make up stories for the kids in the pictures. 🙂

    • January 20, 2012 at 16:16 #

      It was hard choosing 3! She has some really fun stuff.

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