Archive | January 30, 2012

Little readers

I honestly thought my little dude would never enjoy books.  As a baby, he would pull the book out of my hand and throw it.

But we persisted with a nightly routine of two books every night despite this.  And I am happy to say that he will actually go and pick out a book now and “read” it himself.

Because I have a degree in Biology, there are a lot of science education books in the house.  For example, we have one about the development of sharks.  My son loves this one and even discussed placentas and that he was once attached to me.  It was a very fascinating conversation because he is two.  He even asked about his yolk today 😀

I caught him the other day in his new big boy bedroom reading a book.  I love little readers!

P.S. My husband built his bed 😀

Caught "reading"!














Taking a closer look and possibly sharing something with me about the book.