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1WORD Wednesday: R H Y T H M

BleuOiseau Photography

Smithsonian Air Museum
Commander Photo

Marisa Cieloha

Treasury Tuesday: I like big books and I cannot lie

‘I like big books and I cannot lie’ by BleuOiseau


I Like BIG Books – 8×10 inch…


Vintage 50’s Liberty Cat…


A very sweet skirt with velv…


Natural Stone Bracelet / Una…


Ernest Hemingway Art Prints,…


Clock – Paris – Eiffel Tower…


Vintage book love 5×7 Fine A…


Summer Scarf Infinity scarf …


box white linen blue shale H…


Vintage Book Collection 8×12…


Market Tote : Abstract no 2 …


Hand Felted Brooch pale blue…


Post earrings – Green apples


Tote Bag, Cross-Body Shoulde…


Lucky Elephant Leather Wrap …


Read a Book – 8×10 archival …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Selfie Sunday: Week 7

Weak.  Lame.  Worthless.  Horrible.  Terrible.  All these thoughts popped into my head today as I ran up a steep ass hill today.  Why?  Why can’t I run this without stopping?  Why can’t I run this without hurting?  What is the worth of it, why bother?

Then I realized it wasn’t the struggle of going up that I should worry about because hey I at least got out there.  I guess what was hard about the run was not seeing the top, not knowing where the hill ended.  I thought about what strength meant and realized it didn’t have to mean that I got to the top without stopping that there was strength in the fact that I was going up no matter the pain.

I will keep trying to conquer that hill.

on the trail–where i stand

where i still need to go

where i was

where i was

elevation gain: 1,272 ft
elevation loss: 1,125 ft

Birds in my backyard: Western Scrub-Jay

Jays don’t bother me….much.  I actually miss Blue Jays and the fits they used to put on for my viewing pleasure.  Up here in WA, we have the Stellar’s Jay and the Western Scrub-Jay.  And in fact, when I lived a little more west we only had Stellar’s.  I like the Western Scrub-Jays.  They don’t come around the feeder quite as often as the Stellar’s and they are less noisy.  Plus they have some beautiful blue feathers to boot…even a back side shot 😀

Both males and females sing a soft medley of sweet notes that can last up to 5 minutes. Scrub-jays typically do this only during courtship and when the pair is close together.

1WORD Wednesday: W H I T E

Ashleigh A. Coyner

Marisa Cieloha

"White" water.
David Wheaton

MARCH: Magnolias at Rhoddie Garden, Portland, Oregon

Treasury Tuesday: Mardi Gras Mambo

I am missing Mardi Gras right about now!  I will make some gumbo and king cake tonight for friends…a mellow Northwest celebration 😀

‘Mardi Gras Mambo’ by BleuOiseau

Peacock Feather, Peacock Pho…


Tribal Triangle Earrings – V…


8×10 MATTED New Orleans No. …


Mambo Rumba


11×14 – Bourbon Street


Necklace, Golden Lemon Quart…


1845 Map of New Orleans


Olive Green Flower Turtlenec…


Photobooth Props on a Stick …


Let the Good Times Roll – le…


New Orleans French Quarter P…


Butterfly Leather Mask in Pu…


Commission New Orleans Citys…


Peacock Feather Exotic Botto…


Beware pickpockets flask ret…


Turquoise – Signed photo 8 x…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Treasury Tuesday: Happy Mardi Gras!

‘Laissez les bons temps rouler!’ by BleuOiseau

Mardi Gras Let the good times roll!21 February 2012

Custom Formal Affair Classic…


Twilight Tempest – fairy, Ma…


New Orleans Mardi Gras Let t…


New Orleans Art. Napoleon Ho…


Headband Crown Gold Cascade …


Mardi Gras Headband


At the Masquerade Ball gothi…


Mardi Gras 8×10 Print – Loui…


Mardi Gras steampunk blue ja…


Muse leather mask in teal


LOUISIANA Digital Illustrati…


Preservation Hall New Orlean…


Crochet Scarf…MARDI GRAS …


8×10 Matted Photograph- Livi…


26″ Square Peacock Wrea…


Demon mask – Signed photo 8 …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Secret messages

Daddy has been gone for a few days now and the kiddos (plus me) miss him dearly.  I overheard a conversation between my kiddos yesterday where my daughter asked my son if he missed daddy because she did.  I don’t normally get upset about him leaving (he went on a ski trip with friends) but this time I was worried and thought about how it would be without him.  I know way depressing but it popped into my head anyway.  Luckily we had a few events planned like a pizza party/movie night and a running adventure at the Klickitat Trail with more friends, so I didn’t dwell on this much.

Today we made secret messages telling daddy how much we love him.  I wish I had watercolor paper but all I had was regular copy paper…you take a white crayon and write your message.  Then you color it with watercolor paint.  We went ahead and painted them for daddy.  I don’t think he will mind!

mostly using water than color...














writing a secret message














I absolutely love watercolor...














working hard














final message...we love you!














I am so happy that he is coming home a day early…Happy Monday ya’ll 😀

Selfie Saturday: Week 7

Always take time out for yourself…makes the rest of the family happy when you are happy 😀
taking some time out

Featured Friday: Green Bubbles

My feature today is Jennifer from Green Bubbles home and body.  Her shop offers a ton of organic and natural home & body supplies.

In her own words:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for anything and everything handmade and homegrown. So as you can imagine, going to a farmer’s market was pretty much like a playground to me. As my love and respect grew for such things, I began researching and creating. In my quest, I found some interesting and disturbing things, including all of the chemicals and additives that are put into our everyday items. Of course I always knew they were there, I just didn’t know the extent of the havoc they created. And most importantly, how unnecessary they are.

I don’t believe that we should ever compromise our health, or more importantly our children’s health, for the sake of convenience. I’ve made a pledge to create as much of a chemical-free home as possible, and I want to help you do the same. I don’t believe pretty needs to be poisonous, and I don’t believe that products need to be filled with dangerous chemicals, additives, and by-products to be functional. In fact, most do much better without them.

I do believe that handmade can make all the difference in the world. I believe that handmade and homegrown products have heart, and that you can see, feel, and taste that passion every time one is used, consumed, or admired. 

I’m constantly learning when it comes to the fascinating world of herbs and aromatherapy, and I’m constantly thinking up new products to put them to use. I will continue to do this, and will continue to research, test, and create new products for your family, as well as my own. I am currently in the research phase for cleaning products, and plan to add them to my shop as soon as they have been tested.

Here are a few items I would love to try out:

Bug repellent!














Raspberry lip balm...have I mentioned that I love raspberries?!














I love sugar scrubs...this one is chocolate!















You can find out more about Green Bubbles here:

Etsy shop



Happy Friday ya’ll 😀