Beauty in Darkness

I came across Brooke Shaden’s blog post today about being afraid of the dark and her words rang true to me, “There is security in being able to see what is around you that makes you feel safe. If you can see, you can prevent. Darkness, however, seems altogether unnatural unless we are slumbering.”

Even walking outside my house seems like the world has been transformed when darkness comes.  Creatures you wouldn’t normally see during the day start stirring…there is even a different feel to the darkness.  Things you saw as comforting in the daylight…the tall poppy flower swaying in the wind, the squat blueberry bush with ripe fruit, the serviceberry tree ready to drop at any moment with weight of the wind on its leaves…all seem mysterious and somewhat changed at night.

I bet the best stories have been written while peering out in the darkness…what mysteries it holds!  I usually stay up late into the night and sometimes I am lucky to see the moon make crazy light with the clouds.  I actually went out one night to shoot some night photography which is a total first for me.  It was very liberating!

I feel so lucky to be able to meet the lovely Brooke Shaden this coming Saturday in Portland!  She is truely an amazing photographer and I hope to learn a lot from her.  Her blog post reminded me of this photograph I took right when it turned dark and there was just a touch of light left…

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