Archive | June 21, 2013

Friday Faves!

Keeping with my soccer theme this week…my son and daughter were put on different countries to represent.  My daughter was on team Japan and my son was on team Honduras.  They had to learn a chant all week and made flags!  This morning they were in a parade that went around the track and each team stopped and sang their team chant…so stinkin’ cute 😀

I thought I would do some colored inspired Friday Faves to represent the teams my kiddos played on.

Up first because their team won best chant/spirit award, Team Honduras (these were 4 year olds):


1. TheBeadArie  //  2. foundhere  // 3. thewhitepepper  // 4. SweetEventidePhotography

And even though they didn’t win the chant award, it was pretty cool in my book, Team Japan:


1. Kelly Bermudez  // 2. gbrosseau  // 3. FrenchFind  // 4. amyfine

Have a great weekend ya’ll! 😀