Archive | September 23, 2013

Monday Mosaic: Beacon Rock

Hello there! Miss me much? I have been busy and sadly neglected my blog again…well I hope to be back here more often and get some posts written on Sundays and out during the week!

The kiddos are finally back in school and this year, I get two full days with no kiddos (my son won’t be in kindergarten until next fall). So I am hoping to get a lot done, lol!

On to my Monday Mosaic…I got motivated (by checking out Little Canoe‘s instagram feed of all the awesome hikes she has done) to start hiking with my son every Friday.  {psst she has a cute Etsy shop as well}

Our first Friday hike was Friday the 13th no less! I decided to go up Beacon Rock which I have never done considering I have lived in the Gorge now 12 years!  I don’t care much for heights so this was a bit nerve wrecking for me. It was only 1.8 miles round trip…not bad for my four year olds first “official” hike (we have hiked or walked along trails before). What got me were the wood bridges that crisscrossed up the side…you could see down below! It was pretty freaky being that high up and my son’s head was in the middle of the two rails…totally worth it though for the views! I took them mostly with my Samsung Galaxy S4 which I am very happy about by the way 😀

Happy Monday ya’ll…have a great week 😀