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Monday Mosaic: Beacon Rock

Hello there! Miss me much? I have been busy and sadly neglected my blog again…well I hope to be back here more often and get some posts written on Sundays and out during the week!

The kiddos are finally back in school and this year, I get two full days with no kiddos (my son won’t be in kindergarten until next fall). So I am hoping to get a lot done, lol!

On to my Monday Mosaic…I got motivated (by checking out Little Canoe‘s instagram feed of all the awesome hikes she has done) to start hiking with my son every Friday.  {psst she has a cute Etsy shop as well}

Our first Friday hike was Friday the 13th no less! I decided to go up Beacon Rock which I have never done considering I have lived in the Gorge now 12 years!  I don’t care much for heights so this was a bit nerve wrecking for me. It was only 1.8 miles round trip…not bad for my four year olds first “official” hike (we have hiked or walked along trails before). What got me were the wood bridges that crisscrossed up the side…you could see down below! It was pretty freaky being that high up and my son’s head was in the middle of the two rails…totally worth it though for the views! I took them mostly with my Samsung Galaxy S4 which I am very happy about by the way 😀

Happy Monday ya’ll…have a great week 😀


Sweetest boy

Today I am using my phone to write a post. Pretty cool!

My little guy woke up in such a good mood.  He put on a shirt that I love and has been giving me the best complements!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and happy Friday 🙂


Redwoods here I come!

The family and I are headed out on an adventure to the Redwoods in California!

We are so excited to meet up with good friends and enjoy some nice weather and big trees 😉 The hubs and I haven’t been to CA since his cousin’s wedding (before we were married), so this is really exciting!

I had been really good at posting all last week but going to slack again for this week…but for a good reason this time. Before I go, I wanted to share a photo from yesterday that I took at a local water spot on the Little White Salmon River here in Washington. I hadn’t been to this spot since my daughter was little (she is 7 and 1/2 now!). Well it has its own big trees hence the spot is called Big Cedars Campground. Enjoy!

remember to look up!

remember to look up!

my girl giving a big roar!

my girl giving a big roar!




























Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July ya’ll 😀

BleuOiseau art + goodies in a brick and mortar store!

I am so excited to share that my products can now be found at the new artist boutique/collective, Kids in the Hood where you can find whimsical stuff for the kid in you!

I have a bunch of stuff in there from notebooks, to artwork, to my necklaces and now rings. A ton of stuff to choose from for sure. I would like to have my portfolio there so that you can see the other images I have and custom order something!

Here is a glimpse of my area (the store should be open tomorrow!):

my area banner with goods I offer and my logo.

my area banner with goods I offer and my logo.

front side of the whole area

front side of the whole area

my hummingbird canvas set and some matted prints as well as art cards

my hummingbird canvas set and some matted prints as well as art cards

close up of the table

close up of the table

close up of my metal necklaces

close up of my metal necklaces

close up of my greeting card selection--browse through there are different ones in the back!

close up of my greeting card selection–browse through there are different ones in the back!

close up of framed, thinwraped, wood blocked, metal printed artwork

close up of framed, thinwraped, wood blocked, metal printed artwork

Le livre du jour: Dawn of the Jedi

I am a total Star Wars fan…if you didn’t know.  Well, I guess I really didn’t know it until we showed the movies to our kiddos.  My son became smitten with it and so for his fourth birthday party, you guessed it, we had a Star Wars theme.

We had a Death Star pinata that I made myself, a Darth Vader cake, Yoda soda, and we did a Storm Trooper “egg” hunt.  So much fun!!

star wars party

Light saber fight...taken by my friend Michelle

Light saber fight…taken by my friend Michelle

Well, he is still in LOVE with Star Wars and it peaked my interest in getting to know and understand the story some more.  I looked up books and boy am I confused!  So many authors and you can start from anywhere apparently. Geez!  I decided to start with Dawn of the Jedi, Into the Void by Tim Lebbon.

I am still reading it but so far it is pretty interesting.  I also went ahead and bought the “sequels” so I can just keep reading.  Here is the list I found to decide which ones to read:

1WORD Wednesday: S O C C E R


Soccer Camp week!

I am so excited for this year’s soccer camp…so much so, that that is all I can talk about!  Why you ask?  Well three years ago my little guy was only 1 when his sister got to go to soccer camp for the first time.  She cried and cried and cried until the head coach came over and said mama had to go the grocery store.  It totally worked and she had a great first day (and rest of the week).

BUT this year, my little man turned 4 and so he FINALLY gets to participate!!  And he couldn’t be happier…he went in like a champ 😀

This is a wonderful program put on by the local high school soccer team.  All the money from the camp goes to them.  I love it…last year they put on a wonderful world cup.  They separated the kids into smaller groups and they each had a country they represented.  They made banners and chants and at the end of the week, they had a parade of countries and then matches!  So awesome I tell ya!!


Happy Monday and start of Summer ya’ll 😀

My son at 15mths...waiting to play soccer!

My son at 15mths…waiting to play soccer!

kids lining up for the start of the parade of the countries, soccer camp 2012

kids lining up for the start of the parade of the countries, soccer camp 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Mother’s Day weekend

It has been awhile since I posted anything…what a shame, since I have so many fun photos and new favorite shops to showcase!  I was hoping to post something last night and have the week ready to go with posts.  Hmmm, did not happen at all!

Anyway, I had a fun Mother’s Day weekend and hope you all did as well.  I raced in the Hippie Chick Half Marathon Saturday morning and then took my family to eat at a sweet little pub I discovered last weekend while in Portland, the Huckleberry Pub.  THEN we just had to get some ice cream over at Salt + Straw…awesome, awesome, awesome ice cream (well worth the wait in line).  In fact, the kids and I waited in line while the hubby ran down the road to buy me a Cuisinart 😀  So excited to finally own one of those bad boys!!

The weekend concluded with us heading to my favorite birding spot, Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  We saw sandhill cranes, western bluebirds, tons of common yellowthroats, an eastern tailed blue (butterfly), anise swallowtail (butterfly), redwinged blackbirds, mallards…you get the picture, it was brimming with nature!

So here’s to Nature, a fun weekend and to hoping I blog the rest of the week 😉


Patterned :: West Elm + Minted Design Challenge

untitled 1 by Ashleigh Coyner, see more wall art

untitled 1 board by Ashleigh Coyner. See more wall art