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Friday Faves!

Keeping with my soccer theme this week…my son and daughter were put on different countries to represent.  My daughter was on team Japan and my son was on team Honduras.  They had to learn a chant all week and made flags!  This morning they were in a parade that went around the track and each team stopped and sang their team chant…so stinkin’ cute 😀

I thought I would do some colored inspired Friday Faves to represent the teams my kiddos played on.

Up first because their team won best chant/spirit award, Team Honduras (these were 4 year olds):


1. TheBeadArie  //  2. foundhere  // 3. thewhitepepper  // 4. SweetEventidePhotography

And even though they didn’t win the chant award, it was pretty cool in my book, Team Japan:


1. Kelly Bermudez  // 2. gbrosseau  // 3. FrenchFind  // 4. amyfine

Have a great weekend ya’ll! 😀

Feature Friday: Peaces of Indigo

I discovered this lovely shop after she featured me on her blog!

Dawanna Young of Peaces of Indigo says this about her shop:  “I’m thirty something, married and mom to three awesome boys. I am a self/book taught metal smith and this is my full time job. I adore nature, poetry, quotes and old books. (which you probably already guessed after looking at my designs.) 

All of my metals are recycled and lovely. Sourcing ethical materials is a sort of obsession, since I believe that where they come from affects the ‘feel’ of my jewelry. My trademarked phrase describes the heart and soul of my jewelry designs:  Crafted with intent, infused with love and made to last. ™

Every piece is designed by me and made by my hands, with love. I’m a proud member of Curation Nation and TeamEcoEtsy.”

She has some really lovely engagement and wedding rings.  I may have to get one for an anniversary ;D

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Check her out here:


Feature Friday: Sweet Eventide

There is something new on Etsy and it is the About page!  The ladies on the fPOE team have been excited about adding this to their shops.  So today I decided to feature one of these lovely ladies who has completed hers.

Jessica Nichols of Sweet Eventide is a survivor and an amazing photographer, read more on her About page.

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Feature Friday: The Shutterbug Eye

It has been a while since I have featured an artist on here…so I am going to start with my friend Diane from The Shutterbug Eye!

Diane and I are both leaders of the female photographers of Etsy team and have become fast friends via chats online and through emails as well as collaborators on my project, The fPOE Collective.

This is what she says about her photography:

I try to tell a little story or invoke some emotion with each photo I take be it a field of flowers or a haunted macabre piece. My shop, The Shutterbug Eye™ Photography, is where I try to share the beauty in everything I see and feel be it the moment a flower blooms, a cute animal, an emotion, a quiet moment or the beauty that can be found in rust and decay. All of my photographs are professionally printed on quality archival paper. 

As you can see in her shop she has wide range of photos to offer (and stories to tell). Here are a few of my favorites:



 You can find out more about The Shutterbug Eye below:





Feature Friday: Splodgepodge

I found Splodgpodge on my hunt for new watercolor artists. Watercolor is my favorite art medium and I would love to work with it myself but in the mean time check out Louise’s amazing art work.  Her birds are my favorites of course but she also does insects, fish, mammals, etc…

Here is a bit about her,

From Louise’s own words:  

I have been drawing and painting most of my life and I have been teaching others to paint for the past 14 years.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than creating the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. When I look for a subject to paint, the first thing I do is look at the light and how it contrasts against the shadows. It is the light that can make or break a painting. 

I enjoy painting all subjects but I adore animals and they feature in many of my paintings.

Acrylic paints have been my preferred medium for many years but I have recently delved into watercolours and I am revelling in the change. I love the translucency, looseness and portability of watercolor. I also love its uncontrollable nature. I never know how a painting will turn out because watercolour has a mind of its own and I have had many happy surprises. 

When I’m not teaching school children, you will find me painting in my studio with my beautiful and faithful old companion at my feet- Chelsea, my dalmatian. I love her to bits!

Here are a few of my favorites in her shop:






















Welcome Swallows

















You can find out more about Splodgepodge below:





Feature Friday: Le Petit Elefant

I am not sure when I discovered this wonderful Etsy shop but sure am glad I did!

My son has just moved to a big boy bed that his daddy built for him (pictures coming soon).  His decor is in need of serious change.  I took down the somewhat gender neutral wall stickers of trees but couldn’t decide on a theme for his room.  Did I want it to be aggressively boy with cars and trains or did I want something more subtle.  Granted he loves the Cars movies and all their characters.  I even have a few pictures of those characters and thought about making him a big collage of them.  But I didn’t want that to define him.

So in comes Le Petit Elefant and her amazing artwork.  I love her classic scenes of childhood, scenes that neither define or confine a boy (or girl) to one stereotype.  I love that her artwork will last years and one day my son can give that same artwork to his children.  Pure classics.

From her profile page:

I’m a nomadic addict who can’t stay in one place for more than six weeks so I’ve been all over the world collecting stories & various materials (like 30 yards of silk from Punjab, India to volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand) for my art. I take full advantage of the fact that my work is portable and begs movement & adventure for inspiration. So needless to say, everything I make whether paper or plush, custom or already existing, is sincerely made with silliness, a child-like disposition, and intention to make you smile.

These are the 3 that I chose for my son’s room:

love the fun depicted in this illustration

my son (and really any kid) loves cardboard boxes!

love the sentiment in this illustration


















































These will be perfect in his room and I cannot wait to receive them!

Find out more about Le Petit Elefant:

Etsy shop




Feature Friday: Niftic

My featured store this Friday is Niftic, a wonderfully curated vintage shop.

From Reana’s profile page:

Seeking Wonderful…

I have been an avid collector ever since I was a child. My grandmother would take me to garage sales every weekend. With a few dollars in hand I would seek out the most wonderful treasures. Her words ring in my ears every day “Find something wonderful that you will cherish forever.” Lillian was one of a kind, this little shop is my tribute to her.

I purchase items that sing to me and touch my heart. They may be sweet, quirky or downright unconventional, but I love each and every item. 
I hope my store will touch your heart and bring back thoughts of days gone by.

Besides my passion for vintage and antiques I am an artist, painter, woodworker and seamstress who loves collage and assemblage. 

These are my favorites from her shop:

Mid Century Electric Fan GE

Antique Wood filing cabinet

Antique Wagon

You can find more about Niftic here:

Etsy shop



Feature Friday: Marianne LoMonaco Photography

My artist today is fellow female photographer, Marianne LoMonaco.  She hails from Toronto, Canada (I would so love to visit there one day!)  Her photography is beautiful.  I love her dreamy textures and colors!

In her words (from her profile page):

 In 2009 I fell in love. Hard and fast. Passionately in love. With photography. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Thinking about it. Learning more about it. I was driven to improve both creatively and technically, never satisfied for long without challenging myself. It was that year I found a part of my life I was always meant to live. I completed my project 365 in December 2010. While I learned many things that year I think I really learned to see the world in a new way. 

I am inspired by beautiful light, shadows, lines, colours and the world around me. I don’t have a specific style; I love nature, I find beauty in everyday things and I enjoy thinking up creative shots. I just really love the whole process from beginning to end. 

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

1.  Winter Wonderland…I really love the color and texture in this photo:















2.  Vintage book love…what can I say?  books and hearts=awesome:















3.  Make a wish…really lovely texture makes you believe your wish may come true:


















4. Pinecones…last but not least, this simple yet dreamy take on some cute pinecones is very lovely:

















Find Marianne here:



etsy shop

Sponsor her in 2012 Romp to Stomp out Cancer:


Feature Friday: Sometimes I Swirl

Midwestern girl who finds inspiration in surrealism, Paul Klee, and black-and-white art of all kinds, Sarah Hennessey has always been an avid drawer/doodler and loves to play with painting mediums, too. Her weapon of choice is the archival ink pen, which allows her to have a lot of control and get detailed in every drawing. She doesn’t set out to swirl, the spiraling movement just comes out in almost any new composition, so she’s learned to just embrace it. 🙂

If anyone has tried to make a TON of French knots, then you know how Ah-mazing Sarah’s work is!  I have been thinking about French knots lately and even had a project to start but lost it somewhere.  She has totally inspired me to try them again.

Here are a few of her pieces, as you can see, she does more than French knots!

French Knots Embroidered Color Progression Hoop from Evergreen to Mint, A Color Study in Green- - 5 inch Hoop Fiber Wall Art

Personalized Letter E with Black Swirls, Hand-Drawn Monogram, Initial Art - 8x10 Print

Hand Embroidery Art with Abstract Autumn Leaf in Brown, Orange, Burgundy, Plum, Cream, and Peach - 6 inch Hoop Fiber Art

Black and White Ink Pen Drawing - The Tree With a Tiny City 8x10 PRINT

You can check her out here:




Feature Friday: Julia Williams Photography

Julia Williams is an amazing artist!  She designed the logo for Method Press magazine as well as the cover art for the back of the first issue.  She even designed the new logo for BleuOiseau Photography which hopefully I can showcase soon 😀

She is a photographer from Northwest Arkansas specializing in conceptual portraiture, nature, and commercial photography, as well as digital art.  Here are some of the lovely items from her shop:


Oh Susie Q

Bear with a view

You can find her here: