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fPOE lady of the day: Claudia Willison

About Claudia (from her website):

Born in Bielefeld, Germany, I was interested in visual arts i.e. drawing and painting from a young age. Sparked by my father’s photography when I was a child, this quickly kindled into my own love for photography as a teenager. Starting with a simple camera and film in the 80′s, I later developed my own black & white photos, before joining the digital age in the new millennia. I am very proud to be 100 % self-taught both in photography and in digital developing.

Since the early 90s I have traveled the world, living in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Bonaire, and the USA. Enjoying new countries, their cultures, their nature, their architecture, whilst always looking for the best perspective to take a photo, to preserve the precious memory of a moment. Hence, photos of architecture, nature, sports, food, plus digital development are my specialty.

Published – I am a passionate photographer and windsurfer and very proud that 

– a selection of my windsurf action shots of freestyle windsurfing on Bonaire were published in the American Windsport Magazine. (Here is my blogpost with pictures of the magazine)

– and my photo ‘Into the Light’ was selected to be part of the quarterly photo magazine fPOE collective

My latest project, on the never ending road to improving my skills, are natural light portraits. This includes families, couples, singles, children and pets. If you are interested, I am always looking for models, please contact me.

Claudia is a member of the female photographers of Etsy team as well as a participate in the upcoming fPOE Artist Event:  For the Love of Photography.

Here are a few of my fave photos from her Etsy shop:

1- this black and white is gorgeous.

2- This beach scene makes me want to grab my bathing suit and head to the coast!

3- Lovely tones in this one.

Become a fan at: ImagesByCW

Better late than never!

Phew!  Two things, 1-I am writing a blog post and 2-the fPOE Collective volume 04 is published!!

I really, really, really, really mean to be on top of posting this year.  Like having posts written on Sunday to do out during the week…sounds like a dream doesn’t it?!  Any hoo, at least I accomplished finishing up Volume 04 though a tad late 😦

The fPOE Collective ::: Volume 04

The fPOE Collective: The fPOE Collective ::: Volume 04

The fPOE Collective ::: Vol 04: Reflections

Find out more on MagCloud

I hope everyone is having wonderful start to the New Year!!

fPOE invites you to a virtual Holiday Art Show on Facebook

Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show

Thursday, November 29, 2012 – 7 pm – 10 pm EST


You are invited to Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show that Anita Miller has organized on Thursday, November 29, 2012 from 7 PM to 10 PM EST.


















How do you make a purchase?  Every photographer will have their own album of pictures of everything that they will selling.  If you want to make a purchase, please see the directions posted in the album of the photographer that you are interested in making a purchase from.  I highly recommend watching the video featuring a sampling of the work from all the photographers that are participating in this event.  Here is the link to video show  ====> 

Please note that most of the items are available on a first come, first served basis.

I will be online during the show to answer any and all questions. Please send me a PM if you have any question to keep the event board as organized as possible.  Most of the photographers will be available to answer any questions regarding their work and what they have available for purchase.

Please note that if you receive an invoice from a photographer, you must pay the invoice within 24 hours.  If you are making a purchase through their Etsy store, then you must complete your transaction within 24 hours of this event.  All items unless otherwise noted, will ship by the week of December 2nd, and you will be sent a follow up email letting you know that the item(s) have shipped.

Each person who attends this event has the opportunity to win a fabulous assortment of photography prints and gifts!  There are 4 raffles, one each hour.  The first three raffles are valued at $100+ and the grand prize raffle is worth more than $200!  Below are graphics of the raffle prizes.

7 pm Raffle pack—-No purchase necessary!




























8 pm Raffle—-> No purchase necessary!




















9 pm Raffle—–> No purchase necessary!




















10 pm Raffle—GRAND PRIZE—–>No purchase necessary!





















****Although no purchase is necessary, you must join the event in order to enter the raffle drawings.  You have a chance of 30 entries for the raffle.  You will receive 5 entries for entering the event.  You will get 1 entry for liking a Facebook page or following a photographer on Twitter.  Winners will be selected at random.  If you win, the photographer for each item will reach out to you after the event on how to claim the prize item.

Due to Facebook restrictions, we may not notify winners on the fan page, so check back here for a list of the winners!  I will also send a Facebook PM to each winner as well.


Official press release for Virtual Holiday Art Show. ===>
Interested in attending the event? =======>
Video featuring the 13 photographers participating in the event? ====> 

Below is a list of all the participants and their information for this event ===>


Business Name: Nature’s Images By Design

Owner: Anita Miller
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Eva Ricci Studio
Owner: Eva Ricci
Discount Offered: 25-50%
Business Name: AnCar Photography Originals
Owner: Andrea Baker
Discount Offered: 25%
Business Name: BleuOiseau Photography
Owner: Ashleigh A. Coyner
Discount Offered: 20-75%
Business Name: Abra Alani Photography
Owner: Abra Alani Cole
Sales Album:
Discount Offered: 15-30%
Business Name: ImagesByCW
Owner: Claudia Willison
Discount Offered: 5-30%
Business Name: Laughter and Love Photography
Owner: Angie Turner
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Gidget Clayton Photography
Owner: Gidget Clayton
Discount Offered: 5-25%
Business Name: Angela Rose Photography
Owner: Angela Burtraw
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Beneath Northern Skies
Owner: Angie Rea
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Karen Webb Photography
Owner: Karen Webb
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: AngsanaSeeds Photography
Owner:Ivy Ho
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: Melissa Lund Photography
Owner: Melissa Lund
Discount Offered: 20-50%


We thank you for attending this event and good luck!

This promotion is not sponsored by, and has no affiliation with Facebook.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me ! Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the show!

Sweet Dreams

‘Sweet Dreams’ by BleuOiseau

An fPOE Conspiracy…

Macro Photograph, Cats Whiskers and Nose, 8x8 Modern Home Decor Print - TheShutterbugEye anaPad 2 - children's wooden creative tablet - 6-bit - twigcreative tree photo print - whimsical fine art photography, summer, green, leaf, enchanting, dream, peaceful - 8x8 - sweetdreamsandhoney Niagara Tray in White Oak - gallantandjones
Turquoise Flower Magnet, Metal Magnet, Silver Flower, Small Magnet, Unique Magnets, Flower Magnet - LoralynDesigns french country shabby chic home decor flower photography mint teal minty green photo 'Emerald Cream"  fine art photograph 8x12 - AmandaRaeK The Book Collection Fabric Art - 5 inch hoop - Modern Wall Hanging - Hoop Art - Dorm Decor Back to School - Photograph on Fabric - Library - JillianAudreyDesigns Antonio Miro Vintage Eyeglasses - Verde - MODvintageshop
Set of 12 Kraft Pillow Boxes-  3 x 3.5 x 1 in - leboxboutique The Wolf - Wolf photo - Wolf decor - Native American style decor - Black and White wolf - Wolf dog photo - Wolf photography - EmeraldTownRaven wildflower earrings - foundling Nature photography . woodland tree photograph . cottage art . vintage inspired print . ready to frame . rustic . Flow With Life - joystclaire
Beach Photograph- Coastal Decor,Pelicans, Bird Photograph, Ocean,  Nautical Decor, Ocean Photography, Seagreen , White - BreeMadden Green Vintage Book Collection - charliesnest Nature photograph - fine art photography print - sea white peaceful silence simplicity nature stones macro summer photo - photographybykarina White Teapot for Two - clamlab

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

The fPOE Collective blog!

Over the Holidays, I had the idea that I wanted to start a small magazine, a.k.a. digest.  I really love print and writing but I wanted this digest to be simple yet elegant and readable.  I also wanted to feature the talented ladies from the female Photographers of Etsy team.  Hence, The fPOE Collective was born!

With the help from my friend and fellow fPOE team leader, Diane, the first issue was a success.  We are currently working on our second issue or volume (submission due by midnight tomorrow PST!).  I decided to keep this momentum going and start a blog based solely on the Collective.  Check it out here.   It will feature photographers that were showcased in any of our volumes (past or present).  I want it to be a fun and interactive.  I am excited about it!

Also in the works, is to offer a subscription to the Collective.  I believe this will be a wonderful addition to any library.

Exciting things happening for BleuOiseau Photography and the fPOE team!

The fPOE Collective :: Volume 1 is now live!

The fPOE Collective :: Volume 1

By Ashleigh Coyner in The fPOE Collective

32 pages, published 14 MAY 2012

The fPOE Collective is a quarterly and independent publication featuring artwork from the Female Photographers of Etsy (fPOE) team.This is a juried selection of artwork where members of the team are allowed to submit up to two photos per theme to be selected for publication.

Le livre du jour: sneak peek…cover of The fPOE Collective

Treasury Tuesday: Keep me awake Red!

Red is supposed to be a lively color right?  Well besides coffee, I need something to perk me up this afternoon!  Check out this treasury that features some of the lovely ladies from fPOE who were featured today:

‘Keep me awake Red’ by BleuOiseau

coffee photograph – whimsica…


Set of Four Screen-printed D…


Franciscia II – A Red Flowe…


Dahlia Swirl


Keep Calm and Love Bacon, 8x…


Sale – Little Flared Dress- …


Macaron Love – 8×10 Fine Art…


Red Belly Yarn Holder


Coffee Shop Neon Sign Mounte…


Coffee with Natural Brand UG…


Paris Photography Set, Red -…


Red Cup, 5×5 fine art photog…


Little Red Bird, Red Demask …


Red Shoe Bachelorette Invita…


Red Cigar Dress


Coffee at the Market, Seattl…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Favorites Friday: female Photographers of Etsy

Todays favorites come from my favorite team, the female Photographers of Etsy or fPOE.

1.  Christy Elle Photography

Teacup and Spools

2.  Artistic Photography by Janine Graf

Public Market Noir

3.  Lizz Lee Photography

Reaching Up

4.  5ft3 Photography


So Excited!

When I opened my shop on Etsy, I had no idea what to expect.  I started joining teams and adding people to my circle, just hoping for that first sale.  I haven’t gotten many sales…but I have met some awesome people!  I am pretty involved in the female photographers of etsy team and glad I signed up in time because we have been busy putting together a book.  This is so exciting for me!  I submitted six photos and they were:

We get two photos in the book and …..drumroll….the chosen photos are:

Mt. Hood in the Bedroom

Life as Chairs

I really love my Life as Chairs photo…don’t know why really.  But it just seems so peaceful like they are having a conversation that know one else can join in.
Anyhoot…enjoy and have a great day!