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La Naturalista :: West Elm + Minted Challenge

What does Spring mean to you?

For this Louisiana native, spring really didn’t mean much to me back home.  Since living in the Northwest, it means everything.  It means less snow, more sun, less inside time and more outside time.  It means planting the garden, splashing in puddles, feeding the birds, finding worms, and mud cakes.  It means renewal and recharging.  To celebrate the changing of seasons, I offered to give away my “Connections” photograph to Facebook fans that could tell me what spring means to them.  I got a handful of responses but meaningful nonetheless!  Here are their comments:

From Cindy:  the sound of birds in the morning and frogs at night.

From J Van:  Gets me out of the house and into the world with my camera!

From Liz:  I enjoy spring because I get to play more outside with my kids and just do more outdoor family activities.

From Heather:  is a chance to start fresh, to believe that renewal can happen, no matter how dark the winter, which is why I love spring.

All very lovely responses!  In fact, I heard a TON of frogs last night…spring peepers as they are called 😀

So how do you choose a winner with all these lovely comments.  You draw names!  Or you have your almost 2-year-old do it…

And the winner is Heather!  She will receive this lovely photograph I took last year…

Totally Unexpected

Soul Sisters

I don’t usually post to photo contests and such.  But for some reason, I decided to do it for a “sisters” prompt on the Pioneer Woman’s website.  I went with a photograph of my dear friend Monica and I.  We had just taken our daughters to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Keller Auditorium in Portland.  The cascading falls across the street were an awesome backdrop for a photo!  I had no idea this photo would go very far but I got a lovely email from Marisa at MakeHappy (you should totally check out her lovely blog by the way) that my photo was on the PW’s website as one of the finialists for the contest (group 2 no less!!).  WOW!  This is very fun and exciting 😀

So what does a sister mean to me?  It means being real, sharing laughter, love, tears and honesty with each other.  A sister means always having a cheerleader on your side even when you are at fault.  Monica is all that and more.  I love her and she totally ROCKS!

I would love to hear about your sister or soul sister (s)!