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I Heart Faces Challenge: Beautiful Eyes

I thought I would have a TON of photos capturing my daughter’s gorgeous eyes.  The eyes that we have called “blueberry eyes” since her birth.  But sadly there were only a handful and it was tough choosing which one would enter the I heart faces challenge but I narrowed it down to this one.  It captures not only her beautiful eyes but her fun personality.  Her kindergarten teacher is going to get a handful this fall!

You can join the challenge too!

iHeartFaces Challenge: From a Distance

What happens when you step back and enjoy the scenery?  You get this cool shot of the hubby showing off his biking skills to the kiddos!  Though it totally looks like he knocked E over, he actually fell right before the hubby stopped right in front of him 😀  And check out A in this scene, totally doing her dancing thing!

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iHeartFaces challenge: Best Face Photo from May

Another iHeartFaces challenge!  I am on a roll entering these…maybe one day one of my pics will make it to the finals 😀  Anyhow, I chose this picture of my E because it sums him up perfectly, so sweet and yet mischievous all at the same time!  We were on a swamp tour in Louisiana and there was a spot on the boat that was open to the river (scary, right?!) and he kept trying to go to that spot.  This is the face I captured right before I nearly dropped my camera (with my new lens) to grab him…because hubby was where?  Oh yeah, checking out the huge gators in the water :/

my lil' dude




psst…here is one of the gators!

tick tock tick tock


I Heart Faces challenge: Yellow

E and the yellow car

My little man hanging out at grammy claire’s house!  He loved being in Louisiana…lots of outside time.  The rain did not stop my NW kiddo from playing outside 😀  Check out some of the other challengers at I Heart Faces!

Give it up for Hats!

And for the remote shutter release!  Always being behind the camera makes it difficult to capture time spent with your children.  So I invested in a remote shutter release last fall.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Though this picture was taken last year, it reminds me that I need to move myself in front of the camera sometimes and capture these precious moments with my children!  (and to give up control of my camera to my husband, gasp!)

In honor of I Heart Faces challenge on Mother’s Day, here is my family props photo…taken with lots love, silliness, and good times 😀

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I think A’s got it!

A’s got what you say?  I believe she has the Best Face Photo from March!  It could be a mother’s bias but I look at her sometimes and think, “WOW, this beautiful little girl is mine!”  So I am entering her in the photo contest over at I heart Faces.  The cool thing this time is that YOU get to vote on who gets to win!  So click on the button under A’s picture if you think she should be the Best Face Photo from March winner 😀


I Heart Faces challenge…Sun Flare

Once again I am entering a photo contest…I have caught the bug!  I have been following the blog I heart faces but haven’t participated in their challenges until now.  I probably should have a face in this photo but I don’t. Something to work on!  But I think it is a pretty cool  sun flare photo and I don’t have many of them.  So check it out and tell me what you think!

Here are a few more for fun!