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Le livre du jour: Dawn of the Jedi

I am a total Star Wars fan…if you didn’t know.  Well, I guess I really didn’t know it until we showed the movies to our kiddos.  My son became smitten with it and so for his fourth birthday party, you guessed it, we had a Star Wars theme.

We had a Death Star pinata that I made myself, a Darth Vader cake, Yoda soda, and we did a Storm Trooper “egg” hunt.  So much fun!!

star wars party

Light saber fight...taken by my friend Michelle

Light saber fight…taken by my friend Michelle

Well, he is still in LOVE with Star Wars and it peaked my interest in getting to know and understand the story some more.  I looked up books and boy am I confused!  So many authors and you can start from anywhere apparently. Geez!  I decided to start with Dawn of the Jedi, Into the Void by Tim Lebbon.

I am still reading it but so far it is pretty interesting.  I also went ahead and bought the “sequels” so I can just keep reading.  Here is the list I found to decide which ones to read:

Le livre du jour: Today at the Bluebird Cafe

My daughter has library every Wednesday at school.  She usually picks some decent books…I totally love reading anything from Fancy Nancy!  And well,  the Pinkalicious series can hide somewhere in a dark corner for all I care.  But this time she asked a friend to help her find a book, a boy friend.  He chose a dinosaur book that was mostly question and answers, no story 😦  Geez, even my three year old was getting bored with it!

So what’s a mom to do?  She pulls out a tried and true classic.  Seriously the kids sighed when I opened the book, ahh relief, a cool book we know!

I absolutely LOVE this book.  Everything about it is wonderful, the illustrations and the poems.  Of course, it being about birds is a no brainer for me 😀

I recommended it to a friend…Check it out:

Winter Issue of Method Press has launched!

Method Press//Winter Issue:04//An Unfortunate Event

By Method Press in Method Press

38 pages, published 22 MAR 2012

Winter 2012//Issue04//An Unfortunate Event

Le livre du jour: An important book

My book review today is one that my daughter who is 6 made the other day.

I am so excited about this because it was the first time she just wrote it out without asking how to spell the words.  Granted there are a ton of misspelled words but the fact that she sounded them out wrote them herself is so sweet.

Her book is about her doll who has lovely hair of pink and tan.  The doll has a party and likes to jump and run.  So sweet and great pictures to boot!  (She even glued some of the dolls hair to the book).

I bound it for her with a stapler and funny little thing she is, she is reading/writing from right to left…I think she won’t master the correct way until first grade.  For now, I am happy that she enjoys reading and writing as well as crafting together a book.

Check out her creation below:

cover reads: An important book















page 2: she has beautiful hair. It is pink and tan. This is her hair (has hair glued to page)















Page 3: (Not only is she a right to left writer she happens to write bottom to top) She is going for a walk with her mom and daddy.


page4: she is having a party. page5: she likes to play with friends and flowers and dancing.














she likes to jump and run.














I am not sure if I should write the correct words underneath it for her or just smile and tell her she did a great job?  Any ideas?

Le livre du jour: The Graveyard Book

It was completely random that I came across this book.

I went on a run with some awesome ladies and afterward we talked about books we were reading.  My dear friend mentioned she finished The Graveyard Book and would loan it to me.  I was totally intrigued by it, a boy growing up with ghosts.  The beginning was pretty harsh with his parents being murdered but all in all it was a great read!  And if you don’t know Neil Gaiman, he wrote Coraline as well.

Happy Reading ya’ll!!

Le livre du jour: The Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet by Jamie Ford

Since I haven’t done a book review in a while I thought I would do one today–though I haven’t finished it (blame it on late night watching of Sons of Anarchy).

I am amazed at how much of the local history I do not know or remember.  You see, I am from Louisiana and was taught Louisiana history in school (in conjunction with American history).  For the life of me, I do not remember anything on the Japanese internment camps in the Northwest.  I am sad that I missed a talk from a local Japanese family on this issue.  Luckily I was given this book as a Christmas gift because it touches on this subject.

So far it is a bittersweet novel about love and heartbreak, about opposing views and cultures.  It has peaked my interest in this part of our American history as well as Washington state history.  I for one will be researching more information on this subject.  If you like a good love story and history then I recommend this book.  If you have already read it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Le livre du jour: Still: the Art of Living

I totally skipped out on reviewing a book last Thursday.  I know, pretty lame!  It wasn’t like I haven’t been reading, if you call skimming through the pages of US magazine reading (which I don’t but hey there are words in there…).  Nonetheless, I have been staying up editing photos and watching movies with the husband instead of reading books (he is reading my copy of How to be a Sister so that is my excuse).

So, I will do a promotional plug on a book that a few of my fellow female photographers of Etsy team put together this summer.  Each of us have two photos in the book.  I am honored to have my two photographs alongside such talented women.  It is quite lovely and would make an excellent Christmas present!

Le livre du jour: How to Be a Sister

What a surprise I received yesterday!  My husband bought me the book, How to Be a Sister:  A Love Story with a Twist of Autism by Eileen Garvin.  It so happens that I now know this amazing and beautiful and awesome woman.  We met while planning the Hood to Coast relay and ran it together on the 26th of August.  She is simply amazing and so much fun to be around!  I knew she wrote the book ages ago and before meeting her I knew I wanted to read it, but never got around to buying it.  Well, having the awesome husband I do (and the fact he was shopping on Amazon), he bought it for me.  I read a couple of pages last night and cannot wait to read some more…check it out for yourself!



Le livre du jour: Les Trois Cochons

I have my Louisiana artwork hanging at the White Salmon Library until the end of September.  So what better way to get my name out there than to embarrass my self by reading a story in Cajun French at story time, right?!  Haha!  I thought it would be cool to read the story Les Trois Cochons to the kiddos today.  It is a book that my mom bought for my kids.  I have been trying to teach my kids French little by little. 😀

This is a cute Cajun version of The Three Little Pigs with a very funny ending in my opinion (even though I love wolves).  It isn’t all in French just pieces of words, short sayings and it has the translation at the bottom.  Very cool!

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Ca c’est dommage! Den I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your rice-stalk house in!” yelled the loup-garou.
Happy reading ya’ll!!

Le livre du jour: Doodle Stitching

In the winter, a bunch of my friends and I get together one night a week and host a knitting night.  I tried knitting the first couple of years and only ever made scarves.  So about a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine joined the group as an embroiderer.  I asked her to show me some techniques and have been hooked ever since!!  I haven’t done much lately with the photography gig and all but I am so looking forward to some fun projects this winter.  Here is the book she introduced embroidery to me with:

And here are a few pics of some of my projects I have completed since starting embroidery:

My favorite piece to hand embroider so far, so sad to give up but it was for a friend who watched my dog for 2weeks!

This is a picture my daughter drew that I transferred to a blanket and isn't complete in this picture but I did finish it!

Here is another picture my daughter drew when she was much younger that I thought was cool enough to put on some t-shirts 😀

These became so addictive that I made a ton in the beginning and tried to come up with my own design...I have a bat if anyone wants it 😀