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Spruced up the bedroom decor…

When I first started working in Photoshop, I came up with this cool twisted look  and pretty much twisted everything I edited.  Well that look has been in my bedroom for far too long.

Granted they were all pics of my honeymoon in France but I was over the twisted look (but you should check it out here, as there are some cool photos) for my bedroom.  I wanted something more recent and more personal.  Luckily my husband and I went on a little hiking date the other day and I took some awesome photos.  Because seriously, I was agonizing over what to put in our bedroom.  These photos seem to speak to us as a couple…the way we like to hike, our love of birds, and our dog.  Granted we had left out our kids, but I wanted something to reflect our time before kids but recent.

So check them out (guess you get to peek in my bedroom, glad I made the bed, hehe) and let me know what you think…a little masculine and a lot of outdoors 😀

main wall...bed looks at this wall

main wall…bed looks at this wall

wall next to our closet

wall next to our closet

wall next to our favorite portrait of my husband...

wall next to our bed…my favorite portrait of my husband…

Jeudis de réflexion: L’amour

I have been wanting to make thursdays a recurring reflection theme but just haven’t gotten to posting a reflection photo in a while :/  I also want to change the name so I came up with jeudis de reflexion (reflection thursdays).  Not super clever but hey I have to throw some French in there every now and then!

My picture today is one I took while taking A out to practice riding her bike without training wheels.  Which by the way, she is rockin’!  My husband is an awesome mt. biker and we will be married 7 years this July 😀  This is a fun photo I took of us from the reflection in our van.


Here is one of his awesome skillz!

ry's skillz

Reflections all around us

Monday’s mosaic consists of reflections from my world.  A couple of fun ones from some photographs I took for husband’s business HawkButte Construction.  One with the feet of my daughter playing in the water on a cold spring day!  The last one is an oldie from our trip to DC when A was one year old.  Enjoy!

A quote to end the day with:  “In water one see’s one’s own face; But in wine one beholds the heart of another.” —French Proverb