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Selfie Saturday: Week 10

Yes, this is a picture of me with a bowl on my head.

I was trying to get a fun photo shoot with my children and I could only come up with bowls on our heads.

(My daughter is the one who pushed the remote.  She loves doing that 😀 )

I need to remember to be silly and not so serious all the time.

 It can be hard when your two year old is constantly getting himself into to trouble or your 6 year old decides to be mean and grumpy.

But having this photo makes me laugh and remember that they are just young and learning who they are so I need to relax and direct them in the correct way…while wearing a bowl on my head 😀

Selfie Saturday: Week 9

This shot is from last year.  We were on our way to Bend, Oregon so I could run a half marathon.  I had actually been sick the week before and felt somewhat better that morning we left.  Sadly the morning of the race, I woke up somewhat sick again…I was in the bathroom all morning.  I had a hard time deciding whether to bail on the run (and my friend who came to run it as well).  Not sure if I was crazy or determined, but I decided to go ahead and run it.  It was soooooo miserable and the worst time I have ever had running a race.  Not sure if the volunteers telling me , “you can do it” made it worse (because I was sick and felt like puking, I ran sloooowwwww).  I finished it and pretty much the rest of the day sucked.  But I got a really cool t-shirt.

I am not really sure what lesson I learned from running sick except that I can be a stubborn bitch sometimes, lol.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day ya’ll 😀

Selfie Saturday: Week 8

I always wanted to do a fun shadow photo with the family.  Luckily I spotted this before everyone dispersed.  We were out bird watching along the Columbia River this day.  Lots of fun with the in-laws in town and so many birds to see!

That’s my husband being silly with me 😀

Happy Saturday!!

Selfie Sunday: Week 7

Weak.  Lame.  Worthless.  Horrible.  Terrible.  All these thoughts popped into my head today as I ran up a steep ass hill today.  Why?  Why can’t I run this without stopping?  Why can’t I run this without hurting?  What is the worth of it, why bother?

Then I realized it wasn’t the struggle of going up that I should worry about because hey I at least got out there.  I guess what was hard about the run was not seeing the top, not knowing where the hill ended.  I thought about what strength meant and realized it didn’t have to mean that I got to the top without stopping that there was strength in the fact that I was going up no matter the pain.

I will keep trying to conquer that hill.

on the trail–where i stand

where i still need to go

where i was

where i was

elevation gain: 1,272 ft
elevation loss: 1,125 ft

Selfie Saturday: Week 7

Always take time out for yourself…makes the rest of the family happy when you are happy 😀
taking some time out

Selfie Saturday: Week 6

For Valentines day…8 years strong.

Selfie Saturday: Week 5

Selfie Saturday: Week 4

Four weeks already into the {In the Picture} project!

This shot is of my ear, totally random, trying to heft my big camera and take a selfie.  For some reason, I really like this picture.  I don’t always like wearing my glasses but somehow it has become who I am.  I reverted back to these old frames because my newer ones bother my ears.  Glasses really suck though and hopefully one day, I will get Lasik surgery…

Selfie Saturday: Week 3

I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet.
–Joan Jett


Selfie Saturday: Week 2

I am in the midst of hair crisis.  I tend to go through this often.  I cut it and love it, then a few weeks go by (maybe not even that long) and I hate it.  It never seems to be exactly the way I want it though I cannot really tell you how I want it.  But I do know is that when I put it in a pony tail, I want it all out-of-the-way.  I don’t want one little strand coming loose.  It drives me nuts and makes me self-conscience.  Really, one strand will do that!  And what is more maddening is that no matter the cut, it always happens…unless of course I chop it all off (which I have done twice before).

My selfie this week is a photo of that particular piece of hair (always the same side).  What is funny is I see this happening with my daughter’s hair as well :/

Have a great weekend ya’ll 😀