Lovely Comments

A collection of lovely comments made about my photography…much appreciated!

1-From A Little Etsy Love:

A Louisiana native living in the pacific Northwest, place
seems to not only define the mood of her photographic work, but depicts life too.
From the routines of daily life to vast landscape work, the artist behind

Bleu Oiseau

connects human emotion to nature via the beautiful
lighting in her images.

2-As always, Ashleigh’s work is gorgeous! Right now, I think this one is my fav:

3-what I learn from their etsy store: I really like that they make fire series for their photography 🙂
I love how they capture the fire dances 🙂
rinei.martiani at facebook dot com

4-Got my pics and they are even more beautiful than I dreamed that they would be! from Lynn Campbell Coyner

5-Hey Lady!! I got the pictures yesterday and I LOVE them!!  I love the Dancing Effiel Tower!!!  from Keri Coyner

6-I like Twisted Series: The cliffs of Etretat are swaying
O_o amazzzing

7-I love the photo, The Waves Are Upon Us-beautiful photography!
Elaine R

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