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Wordless Wednesday


Spruced up the bedroom decor…

When I first started working in Photoshop, I came up with this cool twisted look  and pretty much twisted everything I edited.  Well that look has been in my bedroom for far too long.

Granted they were all pics of my honeymoon in France but I was over the twisted look (but you should check it out here, as there are some cool photos) for my bedroom.  I wanted something more recent and more personal.  Luckily my husband and I went on a little hiking date the other day and I took some awesome photos.  Because seriously, I was agonizing over what to put in our bedroom.  These photos seem to speak to us as a couple…the way we like to hike, our love of birds, and our dog.  Granted we had left out our kids, but I wanted something to reflect our time before kids but recent.

So check them out (guess you get to peek in my bedroom, glad I made the bed, hehe) and let me know what you think…a little masculine and a lot of outdoors 😀

main wall...bed looks at this wall

main wall…bed looks at this wall

wall next to our closet

wall next to our closet

wall next to our bed...my favorite portrait of my husband...

wall next to our bed…my favorite portrait of my husband…

Wordless Wednesday: Tallest Lego Tower Ever!


Patagucci Love

Patagucci Love


Patagonia shoes


Patagonia hat

fPOE invites you to a virtual Holiday Art Show on Facebook

Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show

Thursday, November 29, 2012 – 7 pm – 10 pm EST


You are invited to Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show that Anita Miller has organized on Thursday, November 29, 2012 from 7 PM to 10 PM EST.


















How do you make a purchase?  Every photographer will have their own album of pictures of everything that they will selling.  If you want to make a purchase, please see the directions posted in the album of the photographer that you are interested in making a purchase from.  I highly recommend watching the video featuring a sampling of the work from all the photographers that are participating in this event.  Here is the link to video show  ====> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowVideo. 

Please note that most of the items are available on a first come, first served basis.

I will be online during the show to answer any and all questions. Please send me a PM if you have any question to keep the event board as organized as possible.  Most of the photographers will be available to answer any questions regarding their work and what they have available for purchase.

Please note that if you receive an invoice from a photographer, you must pay the invoice within 24 hours.  If you are making a purchase through their Etsy store, then you must complete your transaction within 24 hours of this event.  All items unless otherwise noted, will ship by the week of December 2nd, and you will be sent a follow up email letting you know that the item(s) have shipped.

Each person who attends this event has the opportunity to win a fabulous assortment of photography prints and gifts!  There are 4 raffles, one each hour.  The first three raffles are valued at $100+ and the grand prize raffle is worth more than $200!  Below are graphics of the raffle prizes.

7 pm Raffle pack—-No purchase necessary!




























8 pm Raffle—-> No purchase necessary!




















9 pm Raffle—–> No purchase necessary!




















10 pm Raffle—GRAND PRIZE—–>No purchase necessary!





















****Although no purchase is necessary, you must join the event in order to enter the raffle drawings.  You have a chance of 30 entries for the raffle.  You will receive 5 entries for entering the event.  You will get 1 entry for liking a Facebook page or following a photographer on Twitter.  Winners will be selected at random.  If you win, the photographer for each item will reach out to you after the event on how to claim the prize item.

Due to Facebook restrictions, we may not notify winners on the fan page, so check back here for a list of the winners!  I will also send a Facebook PM to each winner as well.


Official press release for Virtual Holiday Art Show. ===> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowPR
Interested in attending the event? =======> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowEvent
Video featuring the 13 photographers participating in the event? ====> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowVideo 

Below is a list of all the participants and their information for this event ===>


Business Name: Nature’s Images By Design

Owner: Anita Miller
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Eva Ricci Studio
Owner: Eva Ricci
Discount Offered: 25-50%
Business Name: AnCar Photography Originals
Owner: Andrea Baker
Discount Offered: 25%
Business Name: BleuOiseau Photography
Owner: Ashleigh A. Coyner
Discount Offered: 20-75%
Business Name: Abra Alani Photography
Owner: Abra Alani Cole
Sales Album:
Discount Offered: 15-30%
Business Name: ImagesByCW
Owner: Claudia Willison
Discount Offered: 5-30%
Business Name: Laughter and Love Photography
Owner: Angie Turner
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Gidget Clayton Photography
Owner: Gidget Clayton
Discount Offered: 5-25%
Business Name: Angela Rose Photography
Owner: Angela Burtraw
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Beneath Northern Skies
Owner: Angie Rea
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Karen Webb Photography
Owner: Karen Webb
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: AngsanaSeeds Photography
Owner:Ivy Ho
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: Melissa Lund Photography
Owner: Melissa Lund
Discount Offered: 20-50%


We thank you for attending this event and good luck!

This promotion is not sponsored by, and has no affiliation with Facebook.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me ! Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the show!

Treasury Tuesday:: Gift Guide no.2

‘Gift Guide no.2’ by BleuOiseau

Watercolor Wall Decor Indigo Blossoms floral giclee fine art print 8x10 inches - karenfaulknerart Maxi dress / long party dress in dark blue and mushroom striped jersey. Kimono sleeves. Fall fashion. One size fits many. - MuguetMilan Mens Gift bracelet secret message - Hand Stamped Custom Personalized Dad Son Boyfriend Man - WyomingCreative Mid Century Danish Modern Dining Chairs Set of 6 - TimandKimShow
Ostrich Animal Print, Nursery Wall Decor, Animal Portrait Photography, 8x8 Modern Home Decor - TheShutterbugEye One Sweet Linen Tree Ornament - allthingswhite FAMILY TREE NECKLACE by Cheydrea - Cheydrea friendship bracelet / mixed bright colors / 1" wide chevron pattern bracelet - thehootinowl
MYSTERY IN YOU watercolor text print in purple, navy and gray - BrownBearStudio Black Tulip Sterling Silver Wrap Ring- Dark Romantic-Oxidized-Chic-Elegant-Feminine-Adjustable-Fairy-Unique-Quirky - MarrenJewelry 2013 photo calendar - whimsical fine art still life photography, nature, landscape, animal, macaron, paris, mint, summer, black and white - oohprettyshiny Ceramic pottery mug with polka dots - handmade pottery grey gray indigo cobalt blue - modern ceramic three cup set - thecupcakekid
Heart Cut out Sweater (super wide cut out)    size SMALL Upcycled Heart Sweater - BglorifiedBoutique Vintage Wooden Shoe Thimble Holder Hand Carved Painted - RosaMeyerCollection Soft purples romantic Organza flower brooch and hairpin - Monikque Colored Twill Tape - 2 Yards Each of 5 Colors Olive Gold Pumpkin Cranberry Chocolate for Packaging Sewing Crafts - ReminiscencePapers

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Monday Mosaic: Thankful for our Teachers

This Wednesday at my daughter’s school is a Teacher Appreciation brunch.  Each grade was asked to bring something to contribute to the brunch, i.e. food.  Well, me being me, and not wanting to cook and wanting to show off my craftiness (hehe), I made some photo blocks.  For each teacher.

Yes, I made 27 3×3 wood blocks.  I picked out 4 flower photographs I really liked, printed them, varnished them, and then glued them to wood.  I love doing this…really!

I appreciate all that teachers do everyday for our children.  My daughter is at a wonderful school and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Here are pictures of my project:

paper trimmed to fit block

ready to glue!

do they fit? do they? do they?

how high can they go?

so many blocks, will I finish in time?!

of course I finished! And the hubby varnished the wood for me 😀

Selfie Saturday: Week 4

Four weeks already into the {In the Picture} project!

This shot is of my ear, totally random, trying to heft my big camera and take a selfie.  For some reason, I really like this picture.  I don’t always like wearing my glasses but somehow it has become who I am.  I reverted back to these old frames because my newer ones bother my ears.  Glasses really suck though and hopefully one day, I will get Lasik surgery…

Selfie Saturday: Week 3

I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet.
–Joan Jett


Monday Mosaic: What’s my style?

I have decided to submit some of my artwork to my local art gallery(ahh, it’s juried!).  Exciting right??  Well I am having a hard time deciding what to submit.  I am trying to figure out what best defines BleuOiseau Photography.  I made a few mosaics to see what works best together.  I am having a hard time finding cohesiveness and defining my work.  Am I a wildlife photographer, a landscape photographer, or fine art photographer?

I wanted to submit all birds but my husband then defined me as a wildlife photographer–like it was a bad thing or limited.  I mean, I LOVE birds but I don’t want to be defined as a bird photographer unless it lands me a job with the Audubon Society (which is a dream by the way).  I tried putting together a few of my Twisted Series which are fun to make but you either love them or hate them.  I didn’t have much luck with them on my Facebook page so I won’t submit them.  I made a third mosaic trying to tie in a variety of my artwork.  It showcases my favorite Twisted print, the Dancing Tower, and a few of my other favorites which I tried to make cohesive with color.





















































So what is my style then?  I don’t think I slept well last night thinking about this.  Looking through my photos, I see there is a theme and that theme is nature photography.  This really doesn’t surprise me.  I mean I hold a degree in Resource Biology.  I hike, run, and cross country ski.  I am constantly birding and so is my family.  There isn’t a day that we aren’t talking about birds or the bird feeder…but does that define my photography?  No.  I love to shoot other things as well and therefore, I am going to submit the photos in my third mosaic.

Now which medium do I use?  Metal prints, ThinWraps or wood blocks…so many decisions to be made before next Monday!

P.s. Just saw that the lovely ladies from fPOE have featured me this week!  Thanks a ton for the shout out!!  Happy Monday ya’ll 😀