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Favorites Friday: Ideas for my daughter

With the holidays around the corner and my daughter’s big 6th year birthday coming up, I thought I would feature some cool stuff for kids.

1. Okay so my daughter wouldn’t exactly jump for joy for this but I really need some kind of reminder in her bathroom…

2. Even though she is turning 6, I think little girls in fun dresses like this one, are precious!

3. She would totally LOVE these lanterns for her bedroom.

4. She loves dress up and this owl mask would be perfect.

5. She is starting to read which is awesome and this bedtime book with activities is too cool.

Happy Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend Ya’ll 😀

Le livre du jour: Still: the Art of Living

I totally skipped out on reviewing a book last Thursday.  I know, pretty lame!  It wasn’t like I haven’t been reading, if you call skimming through the pages of US magazine reading (which I don’t but hey there are words in there…).  Nonetheless, I have been staying up editing photos and watching movies with the husband instead of reading books (he is reading my copy of How to be a Sister so that is my excuse).

So, I will do a promotional plug on a book that a few of my fellow female photographers of Etsy team put together this summer.  Each of us have two photos in the book.  I am honored to have my two photographs alongside such talented women.  It is quite lovely and would make an excellent Christmas present!

Le livre du jour: Les Trois Cochons

I have my Louisiana artwork hanging at the White Salmon Library until the end of September.  So what better way to get my name out there than to embarrass my self by reading a story in Cajun French at story time, right?!  Haha!  I thought it would be cool to read the story Les Trois Cochons to the kiddos today.  It is a book that my mom bought for my kids.  I have been trying to teach my kids French little by little. 😀

This is a cute Cajun version of The Three Little Pigs with a very funny ending in my opinion (even though I love wolves).  It isn’t all in French just pieces of words, short sayings and it has the translation at the bottom.  Very cool!

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Ca c’est dommage! Den I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your rice-stalk house in!” yelled the loup-garou.
Happy reading ya’ll!!

Le livre du jour: the ABCs of Yoga for Kids

This is such a fun book!  My daughter was actually showing her brother and a friend some of the moves found in the book.  What I also love about this book is that each pose comes with a little poem.  If you are yoga guru or novice, I highly recommend this book.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

T t


I am an old and solid tree.

My roots grow deep into the ground beneath me.

Bending one leg, I bring my foot to my thigh.

Balancing can be tricky, but I’ll give it a try!

I focus my sight on a single spot.

Yoga improves my concentration a lot!

Now go get your yoga groove on 😀

Le Livre du Jour: A Night Without Armor by Jewel Kilcher

I was going to totally skip today’s book…obviously, it is 2315 as I write this.  But I have been up editing photos and just finished one from New Orleans that I named Save Your Soul which reminded me of the Jewel song, Who Will Save Your Soul, and from there I remembered her book of poems.  I bought her book in college and it was a way to get over heartache, to feel connected to someone, and to just feel period.  She is a beautiful writer and her songs are amazing (except when she sold out and did some weird techno/dance tunes).

Any hoo, here is my listing that inspired me to write this post and to reminisce about Jewel.

Save Your Soul

And here are the lyrics to the song, Who Will Save Your Soul, if you didn’t know them.

People living their lives for you on TV
They say they’re better than you and you agree
He says “Hold my calls from behind those cold brick walls”
Says “Come here boys, there ain’t nothing for free”
Another doctor’s bill, a lawyer’s bill
Another cute cheap thrill
You know you love him if you put in your will

Who will save your soul when it comes to the flower?
Who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy?
Who will save your soul if you won’t save your own?

We try to hustle them, try to bustle them, try to cuss them
The cops want someone to bust down on Orleans Avenue
Another day, another dollar, another war,
Another tower went up, where the homeless had their homes
So we pray to as many different Gods as there are flowers
But we call religion our friend
We’re so worried about saving our souls
Afraid that God will take His toll
That we forget to begin


Some are walking, some are talking, some are stalking their kill
You got social security, but that doesn’t pay your bills
There are addictions to feed and there are mouths to pay
So you bargain with the Devil, say you’re OK for today,
You say that you love them, take their money and run
Say it’s been swell, sweetheart, but it was just one of those things
Those flings, those strings you’ve got to cut,
So get out on the streets, girls, and bust you butts.


Le livre du jour: A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

I haven’t read A Sand County Almanac since college.  It was a required book for my conservation biology class.  I remember enjoying it back then, I think 😀

On a whim, I decided to purchase it a few years back thinking my husband might enjoy reading it.  Mostly because he is the outdoor type and believes in conservation.  Unfortunately, he didn’t like it so much and the book sat on the shelf collecting dust.  I decided to pick it back up for our trip to Virginia.

I am struck at how the words in the first pages (as I haven’t gotten very far yet) still ring true in this day and age.  The book was first published in 1949.  I love the first two sentences, “There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.  These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot.”

My re-reading of this book is a reminder to myself of why I love nature and how more than ever we need to make a conscientious effort to change our attitude in how we view the earth and its inhabitants.  I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book.  Any thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Reading to you!


So I have been working on this book for a couple of days now and just uploaded and published!  Right. Now.  Crazy!

Check it out here:

*Big Smile over here*

So Excited!

When I opened my shop on Etsy, I had no idea what to expect.  I started joining teams and adding people to my circle, just hoping for that first sale.  I haven’t gotten many sales…but I have met some awesome people!  I am pretty involved in the female photographers of etsy team and glad I signed up in time because we have been busy putting together a book.  This is so exciting for me!  I submitted six photos and they were:

We get two photos in the book and …..drumroll….the chosen photos are:

Mt. Hood in the Bedroom

Life as Chairs

I really love my Life as Chairs photo…don’t know why really.  But it just seems so peaceful like they are having a conversation that know one else can join in.
Anyhoot…enjoy and have a great day!