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Treasury Tuesday: Back to school and mama redecorates…

the house, her wardrobe, everything 😀

‘Back to school and mama redecorates’ by BleuOiseau

Chalk White Cotton Tiffany Prom Dress with Lilac Trim - Made by Dig For Victory - digforvictory Mid Century Green Sofa - Modern, Wood, Couch, Retro, Leather look, Eames - Hindsvik Cat purse / Cat zipper purse / Cat coin purse / Hand embroidery / Gift bag / Small bag zippered - DooDesign ecodesign laptopstand unique puzzle shape made in 3cm thick bamboo wood - greentunadesign
Two Cashew Stoneware Bowls - SuiteOneStudio Print of a moonlit ocean scene entitled "The Breakers", 14" X 11", by Aquagirl Art, titled, signed and dated - AquaGirlArt omar owl - print - tinyfawn postcard pillow - pilosale
Snowdrop Cowl-25 Color Choices - VictoryGardenYarn Crystal  Crochet Wire Cuff, Lace  Jewelry Fashion Beadwork  Statement Bracelet, Gold, Purple, Turquoise, Amber - beadedwire Farmhouse Dining Table - carolinafarmhouse Violet transparent Round Vintage Eyeglasses - MODvintageshop
Honey Mushrooms Set of (2)  - Miniature Terrarium Decor, Pin Cushion Accessories - FoxtailCreekStudio Simply Me - Handmade Leather ballet flat shoes - TheDrifterLeather Fine Art Photography 8x10 Cone Flowers  Handmade Certified - Gallery32Photography Autumn Harvest Tuscan Bouquet Kitchen Print - ThePolkadotMagpie

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Treasury Tuesday: new favorites

‘Some of my new favorite items’ by BleuOiseau

Beach Photograph- Pelicans Riding The Blue Ocean Waves, Bird Photo,  Nautical Beach Photography-Fine Art Photography Home Print - Maddenphotography Antonio Miro Vintage Eyeglasses - Verde - MODvintageshop Abstract Streaks, 16x24 Fine Art Photography Print - deshaunicus Perfect Scovill Green Workbench/Dresser - jerseyicecreamco
Cactus green leather wrap, initial tag, flat sewn nappa leather, sterling silver, custom size - simplyyoujewelry wildflower earrings - foundling 6 Embossed Mermaid Cards with Envelopes -  Stationery Set - PersianLaundry i heart Camping- Bamboo. - truche
Mid Century Green Sofa - Modern, Wood, Couch, Retro, Leather look, Eames - Hindsvik United States Map & Pin Set - Teal Blue - Cabin YOU CHOOSE COLOR-- Large Mug-- Hand crafted ceramic pottery--  16 oz coffee, cocoa, tea or iced drink cup. Dishwasher and microwave safe. - crutchfieldpottery Olive Green Leather Card Holder - case, sleeve, ID, credit, debit card - wallet - mint - sakao
Custom made wooden book rack in Oak. The pins are also bookmarks. - OldAndCold Beach Photograph, Beach Heaven Photograph, Retro Beach Photo, Fine Art Photography, Wall Art 8 x10 - BatesMercantileCo Modern Eco Walnut Breadboard with Small Handmade White Porcelain Gloss White Glaze - TheDesignPallet Honey Mushrooms Set of (2)  - Miniature Terrarium Decor, Pin Cushion Accessories - FoxtailCreekStudio

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Treasury Tuesday: Christmas in July with the PDX Etsy team

Find some cool and unique items from the Portland Etsy team!

Use the code CIJPDX for deals in any of these shops 😀

Use the code for 20%off in my shop as well!

Fabric Card Holder - Denim Pouch - Credit Card Holder - Womens Card Holder - Pink Red Black - MegExpressions Gold Flower Clip, Upcycled Cashmere, Hair Accessory, Photography Prop - SesameSeedDesigns Painted Jasper short 9 stone necklace - designateddryden abstract original art on vintage paper. in cream and black. - joyfulstudio
Turquoise Silver Ear Cuff Wire Wrapped - NovelDesigns Jubilant Glass Lampwork Leaf Pendant     Borosilcate on Sterling Silver    Free Shipping - JubilantGlass Rustic Ocean Relic Fossilized Sand Dollar Necklace - mywifesstudio Yellow Vinyl Color Block Cuff Bracelet Made From Recycled Record - EyePopArt
Car Charm in corroded teal - CharmsandSigns Children's Reversible Fabric Headband - flyingfrogapparel TINY GOLD HOOPS -- 14k gold filled - BluHour Leather Purse Blue and Black- Leopard Jasper Cabochon - WildGingerCreations
Organic Lavender Eye Pillow, yoga, spa, travel, birthday, bachlorette - green batik cotton, washable slip cover - threebirdsunite Flower Cozy with 4 interchangeable flowers by The Cozy Project - thecozyproject Stamped Metal Jewelry - Inspirational Necklace - tabbycatdesign Half Apron in Aqua and Yellow Polka Dots - AuntieMsOriginals

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Who’s Who Wednesday: Green Onion Textiles

Introduce yourself.  Where are you from?

Hello!  My name is Nan.  I’m originally from Ann Arbor,
Michigan.  I’ve lived in many other places, such as Chicago, Los
Angeles, San Francisco, Florence and Paris.  Now, I’m in Texas.

What is your shop name?  What is the story behind the name?

My shop is Green Onions Textiles.  When I started thinking about what
to call the shop, I knew I wanted to keep my own name out of the title.
One day, I needed to drive to another city about two hours away, through
very tedious landscape.  So, I started brainstorming names.
I had come up with about 20 when I saw a roadside sign that said, “Green
Onions.”  (Really!)  I added that to the list (I’m
also a fan of Booker T. and the MGs!).  Later that night, I went
through the list checking to see if anyone else was using the names I had
brainstormed, and of course they were all being used in some capacity . . .
except “Green Onions.”  So there it is.  I think it’s a great name, too.  I like the connotations of freshness, spring,  and newness.

How did you get started?  Is this your full-time gig?

Although I’ve been sewing, and making art, for all of my life, I’ve only recently started selling things.  I opened my shop this last February. The road to
craft, for me, has been circuitous. I studied studio art at a private art school, then went on to earn graduate degrees in art history and museum studies.  Now, I am the Director of an art museum and have been working as an art historian/museum professional in various capacities for
25 years.  While I was a museum curator, there was still an element
of creativity in my professional life.  When I became an administrator, however, this level was greatly reduced and I began spending more time on my after work projects.  For some reason last summer I decided to make a handbag and loved it so much that I just kept going and making more and more and more.  Finally, someone told me that I needed to sell then on Etsy, voila.  I would love to be able to do this full-time and am in the process of trying to figure out how.

What items do you sell?  Which ones are your favorites to make?

Since opening the shop, I have only posted handbags/purses/laptop bags/diaper bags and skirts.  I plan to expand this soon and start offering scarves, pet
beds, pillow covers, and plush toys.  I’m a little concerned that this is too diverse, but I enjoy making all of these things.  The common link between all of them, and what ends up being my favorite part of the process, is the design element.  What colors complement one another, what textures work well with one another and the overall shape of the article, how can I take a particular focal element and build something around it.  I love finding ways that I can take an interdisciplinary approach.  For example, I recently interviewed a glass-blowing
artist.  As we were surveying her work, one piece stuck out for me, personally, and I thought, “I’d love to translate that shape into a handbag.”

circles on a circular bag

What inspires you?  Who influences you?

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources.  Much of my inspiration comes from
simply seeing colors, textures and shapes throughout the day.  Again, many times I’m inspired by something from a different medium/discipline.  As an art historian, a good deal of inspiration comes from knowing about various art movements throughout history.  Sometimes I’ll see something in a magazine or book, sometimes in a store, sometimes on somebody, and I’ll start thinking about how I can modify it or use an aspect of it in a design.  I also get a lot of inspiration from other Etsy sellers.  This influence, however, is more in the form
of shop maintenance, attitude, marketing, and networking.

Describe your workspace.  What book is near you right now?

My workspace has taken over my house!  I have a great craft room, but
it doesn’t have big windows, like my living room and kitchen do.
So, I set up my sewing table in front of my living room windows so that I
have a view into my back yard, which is full of flowers, birds, squirrels, and
lizards – there’s always something going on.

As far as books, there’s nothing near me at this very moment!  I moved
myself and laptop into another room so I wouldn’t be distracted!
However, in other rooms (I tend to travel around my house with stacks of
books) there is:  Circus (Taschen); Beautiful Beads and
Embellishments (Irene Lassus and Marie-Anne Voituriez); Fashion Accessories –
The Complete 20th Century Sourcebook (John Peacock); More Fabric
Savvy (Sandra Betzina); Printing By Hand (Lena Corwin), and the latest Stitch

Describe your creative process.  What is your creative style?

I’m not really sure how to describe my creative process.  For me,
creativity just happens.  It’s almost like being on auto-pilot.
Sometimes things such as colors, shapes, patterns, just jump out
at me and I don’t even think about what I’m doing – I just make.
Other times, though, I get an idea and then think it through.
For example, translation of Cameo Glass into textiles (see my blog post
on this at http://www.GreenOnionsTextiles.com).
And my creative style is pretty much the same.  Sometimes I
just start going and don’t thnk, just do.  Other times I plan and
draw and calculate.  It varies.

lined white and floral cotton a-line skirt

How do you stay motivated?  Tea or coffee?

I’m an artist, so I’ve always been creative. Motivation is
not something that is exterior, it’s an inherent part of who I am.
If I’m not sewing, I’m drawing, or painting, or making jewelry or an
assemblage, or a graphic piece, or . . .  something.
I tend to go stir crazy when I’m not able to make something on a daily

Do you think feedback is important?  How can you turn around negative

Oh yes, feedback is enormously important.  Not
only is it important as a merchant to know what pleases your client base,
feedback is an imperative aspect of the creative process. For
example, the Cubist movement was a result of an ongoing visual dialogue between Pablo Picasso and Juan Braque.  We need to see how our work is
perceived in others’ eyes in order to progress.  And, on the same
token, providing feedback to others is just as important.  We need
to be aware of what is going on outside of own studios in order to grow.
Again, it’s a dialogue.

Are you on any teams at Etsy?  Which one are you most active?  Do you think
they are helpful?

Yes, I am on Etsy Success, Business Topics, Handmadeology,
and  Blog Team.   I’m most active on the Blog Team,
but do participate in the others often.  I don’t know if my
participation on the Blog Team has increased traffic on my blog, but the other
teams have helped me understand the ins and outs of Etsy.

Brown Faux Suede Hobo w/ Orange Flower Appliques

How do you feel about your life right now?  Any advice for new Etsians or those
wanting to take the plunge into selling their artwork?

I like who I am, although I would like to be able to make a
living with my art and craft.  As far as advice for others, I guess
all I can say is the same thing I grew up hearing, “try it, see what

Wolves or Mountain Lions?

Mountain Lions!  Rarrrr!





Check out my fabrics I have for making custom orders!

Any shops/markets you participate in?

I don’t participate in any right now, although I would like to – I’m not sufficiently aware of what’s offered. I would LOVE some suggestions from your readers!  Convo me on my Etsy shop or leave a comment on my blog.

Treasury Tuesday: Vintage Love

I am so inspired by all the vintage stuff on Etsy right now!  Here is a treasury of a few of my favorite items that I discovered this past week and a couple of my all time faves that may have been on here a few times already 😀  Enjoy!

‘Vintage Love’ by BleuOiseau

Some of my favorites

Classic Vintage Camera’s…


Green Smith Corona Classic T…


Unisex Cuff Black Zipper


orpheum – 11×14


Diana Camera – Lomography – …


Vintage Drafters Style Shop …


industrial metal cabinet


Lirio Jumper


Guitar Strap in Blue


Domestic 5×5 Fine Art Print


Good Time Ring


The retro Viewmaster instant…


Black Cat Vanilla Chocolate …


You know damm well we’d …


Vintage Green Fabric Dress


Vintage French Cat Eye Eyegl…


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Favorites Friday: Clothing for Kiddos

I thought I would do a post of my favorite shops that feature clothing for the kiddos.  There are some really cute handmade stuff out there!  And I have had a chance to see (and order) some of the items myself.  Check them out and give the shops a shout out 😀

1.  I totally love owls and this little skirt is way cute!  Hoot skirt by LULObird.

hoot skirt

2.  I love sign language…taught my daughter when she was young!  I actually made a shirt with her name spelled in sign language, but this one is much cooler!  Personalized Name in Sign Language by Westmama.

personalized name in sign language

3.  I love little kids in hats!  I bought a hat from this shop at the Crafty Wonderland two years ago for my son.  This one is way cute for a little girl.  Bluebell hat by Muluk.

bluebell hat

4.  I guess I better insert something for the little guys now…and what little guy doesn’t like bikes?  What a cool t-shirt!  Fox on a Bike Shirt by DarkCyclingClothing.

Fox on a Bike

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, ya’ll!!

Treasury Tuesday: Le Citron, s’il vous plait

Because it is sunny outside and I like lemons.  Check out this treasury…I picked them somewhat randomly based on the word citron (no teams today).

‘Le Citron, s’il vous plait’ by BleuOiseau

Birds Pin Set in Citron Gree…


Unexpected Angels at Bunker …


Ultimate 9 Pocket Gray and Y…


an Upcycled ‘Citron Bomb…


Lemon Cream – Silk Kanzashi …


Infant Romper Vintage VW Bus…


6 Upcycled Absolut Bottle Pi…


Special Size Sale – In The L…


Dinky Dots in Citron


French Baby Bleu Collection:…


Women’s Upcycled Skirt -…


Bohemian Chic Reversable Pil…


50 CITRON yellow business ca…


Last Kiss Goodbye, print


Lemon Original Oil Painting


Citron Presse – Pure & Natur…


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Spotlight on my Favorites from Etsy

This was totally supposed to be my friday thing but life got in the way!  It was way too sunny here to stay inside for very long.  We even had sandals on!  Crazy I know, but it was just too nice out not get our toes exposed 😀  Anyway, I cannot forget to showcase some of the awesome talent on Etsy that I have favorited so without further ado…

1-a very lovely brown and turquoise floral bracelet from BNCjewelry:

2-I so love totes and this one is pretty cool, Golden Girls – Recycled Grocery /Shopping / Everyday Tote by EarthCadets

3-I so want this leather cuff…hmm mother’s day anyone? 😀  little blue flowers wide leather wristband by aosLeather

4-and lastly this very cool ottoman that would look cool in any living room, Funky Mookah Pod ottoman by Mookah 

 Have a happy weekend everyone!

Coming home, sweet Louisiana

It is Tuesday Treasury once again!  This time I went with a Louisiana theme because that is where I am from originally and we are headed there at the end of the month 😀

Ahh things to look forward to when we are there…crawfish, festivals, beignets, New Orleans, good friends, family, warm weather, lots and lots of birds!!!  (not in any particular order…lol!)  Here’s to Louisiana!

‘Coming home, sweet Louisiana!’ by BleuOiseau

8x10x1.5 Gallery Wrap Canvas…


Crowley, Louisiana – Limited…


Rust on My Rake 8×12 Photogr…




Aiyee Louisiana Crawfish Apr…


New Orleans Louisiana – Sold…


Louisiana 4H and Tie Dye Dre…


All American Bracelet Fort P…


a place to sit 8×10 print – …


me & you new orleans candy h…




Hand Painted Louis Armstrong…


Pinback Button – Lafayette, …


Louisiana Antebellum Souther…


Green Fleur de Lis Original …




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.