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Favorites Friday: Cool finds under $50

Today’s favorites are some really cool items and can be gifted for Valentines day (which is next Tuesday ya’ll!).

1.  If you love paper and cameras, this DIY project is for you!

2.  If you are a chemistry geek or just love colors and symbols, this cool periodic table is for you (or your loved one).





















3.  Who wouldn’t love lip balm…and I love the name of this one!

4.  I love this cuff and am still deciding on what color I want mine in 😀


















5.  I am such a sucker for notebooks and these look pretty cool to me.

6.  A button and a bicyle=awesome!




















7.  Who doesn’t love a good lollipop?!

8.  Awesome tote for the literary geek…that would be me and by the way Anne Rice’s new book, The Wolf Gift, comes out next week (yeah I pre-ordered it)!!!!
















9.  Cool t-shirt for that music lover in your life.





















10.  Last but not least, a good ol’ fashion card is a nice gift especially if there is a handwritten note inside.

BleuOiseau Creations, more than pictures

When I was in high school, I didn’t take Home Economics, not sure why.  I guess I am not really the domestic type…clean home-blah, cooking-blah, sewing-blah!  I wasn’t taught how to cook (my mom is a great cook) or sew (she didn’t do this) though I did have chores.  I was usually outside hanging with friends, doing cartwheels in the yard, playing in the dirt, you know, tomboy stuff.

A friend of my mom’s though did teach me how to cross stitch one year.  I did enjoy it and made lots of stuff.  In college, I didn’t do a lick of cross stitching. I actually haven’t picked up a needle until a couple of years ago when I was invited to join a knitting group.  I made a couple of scarves but never really got the hang of it.  Then my good friend Katie, came to knitting one night with an embroidery project.  I was fascinated and decided I would try that instead.  After purchasing a couple of books, Sublime Stitching and Doodle Stitching, I was ready to start!

I am completely hooked and have stitched a ton of stuff, tote bags, onesies, t-shirts, pants, and even paper!  I am currently working on a couple of onesies for a dear friend who is pregnant with her first child.  She is not finding out the sex of the baby so it is a challenge to find the right gender neutral pattern/colors.  I chose 3 little chicks for one and a mushroom house for the other because they own an organic mushroom farm 😀

It is pretty cool to say that this once serious tomboy can and does enjoy stitching though I refuse to cross stitch.

Recent embroidery projects:

bird and letter L for baby Lark

tree for baby Lark




























Past favorite projects:

all time favorite! skull on tote

dancer on tote

butterfly on tote for my little chicky--first time working with beads!

my little chicky drew this picture--I stitched it on totes and t-shirts!

Le livre du jour: Doodle Stitching

In the winter, a bunch of my friends and I get together one night a week and host a knitting night.  I tried knitting the first couple of years and only ever made scarves.  So about a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine joined the group as an embroiderer.  I asked her to show me some techniques and have been hooked ever since!!  I haven’t done much lately with the photography gig and all but I am so looking forward to some fun projects this winter.  Here is the book she introduced embroidery to me with:

And here are a few pics of some of my projects I have completed since starting embroidery:

My favorite piece to hand embroider so far, so sad to give up but it was for a friend who watched my dog for 2weeks!

This is a picture my daughter drew that I transferred to a blanket and stitched...it isn't complete in this picture but I did finish it!

Here is another picture my daughter drew when she was much younger that I thought was cool enough to put on some t-shirts 😀

These became so addictive that I made a ton in the beginning and tried to come up with my own design...I have a bat if anyone wants it 😀

Favorites Friday: Needlepoint

So my good friend Katie got me back into stitching about a year ago.  In high school, I was taught cross-stitching but really it wasn’t much fun.  But embroidery has become fun and hip these days.  There is so much talent on Etsy and if I wasn’t spending so much time with my photography, I would probably pursue it some more.  I am actually still dreaming of the perfect camera strap to sew…

Here are a few (totally had to limit myself on this) of my latest favorites of stitched handmade items:

1.  Personalized Fabric Growth chart by A. E. Wilder

2.  Business card case by mlmxoxo








3.  Tree hugger:  Little Wool felt needle holder by LoftFullofGoodies

4.  Reusable snack bag by Bleu Roo Handcrafted Sweetness

Treasury Tuesday: Pure Randomness

Today’s treasury really has no rhyme or reason.  I opened up my favorites in Etsy and loved the color combos, so I went from there!  Some really cool stuff in this treasury that I hope you will enjoy…happy tuesday 😀

‘Pure Randomness’ by BleuOiseau

Bumble Bee – 11×12 inch Orig…


Tissue Tape 10ft Choose Your…


Embroidered Wood Chevron in …


SALE 15.99 Badda Bing – Neon…


Natural White (mini) 2 3/4 x…


Owl Cute Saw-whet 5X7 Photo


The Chase – An original han…


Get Started Kit – Premium Se…


Modern “Garden” (w…


The His&Hers collection… 2…


Edible Wild Sugar Mushrooms …


Rustico Moderno Cutting Boar…


Old Glory — American Flags …


Magnet Set Embroidery Sample…


ON SALE 15 % Off The Evoluti…


teasel – natural cotton croc…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

My Favorites Friday!

So I decided that I would feature some of the awesome items that I have favorited on Etsy.  I have quite a list and thought it would be cool for you to check them out and give them some love!

I thought it would be cool to go back to when I first joined Etsy and started favoriting items.  I haven’t looked at this list in ages and well, all of the earliest items are sold!  Now I have a dilemma…do I show you them to see how cute they were or do I feature items that are ready to buy?!  Hmmmm.

I think I will show you what hasn’t sold yet, so that you can buy if you really like it 😀

First up is a 2 string Avocado guitar from celentanowoodworks:

I totally love embroidery and was making a lot of stuff until I discovered photography.  I still try to embroider every now and then.  Here is a beautiful embroidered piece from HAREandDRUM:

One more to end the day!  A cute little apron from downhomeamy:

cafe apron


Bonne Nuit, je t’aime

Simple enough words.  Good night, I love you.  In French.  Why?  Because I love french and all things french!  I grew up in south Louisiana where it is still spoken.  I have taken french lessons since I was five.  My parents don’t speak it and they definitely didn’t teach it to me.  My dad spoke Cajun french to his grandmother but that is about it.  But I love the french language and how it sounds on the tongue.  I once was more fluent, now I only dream and practice…luckily my husband doesn’t mind 😀

Who cares you might say?  Well living here in the NW has me missing french a lot more than I expected.  So I started teaching it to my daughter.  She doesn’t hear it nearly enough and so is a bit resistant to it.  BUT she will tell me “Bonne nuit, je t’aime” every night.  And I LOVE it!  One day I hope she gets the language bug and learns several languages…

On that note…here is my tuesday treasury using that same sentiment…

‘Bonne Nuit, je t’aime.’ by BleuOiseau

Because this is what I tell my children every night.

Dolce Dreams Hand Embroidere…


Bonne Nuit – nursery art pri…


Twinkle Star Good Night Lamb…


Autocollant pour la voiture …




Je t’aime mon bebe preci…


Je T’aime. I Love You Te…


Je t’aime – I love you -…


SHEEP ART – Mama and Bebe – …


Girls room art print, mom, d…


Jaime ma maman 9×7


enid and oscar. babywearing …


The Bundle BeBe Baby Doll by…


bonne nuit bird family – vin…


Cozy Dinosaur Brontosaurus P…


ZooLemonade Papa Seahorse wi…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.