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I Heart Faces challenge: Yellow

E and the yellow car

My little man hanging out at grammy claire’s house!  He loved being in Louisiana…lots of outside time.  The rain did not stop my NW kiddo from playing outside 😀  Check out some of the other challengers at I Heart Faces!

Mosaic Monday: Festival International de Louisiane

We have been back from Louisiana for about two weeks now.  Amazing how time flies!  We had a great time visiting many swamps, seeing cool birds, and LOTS of gators 😀  This was E’s first trip to Louisiana and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Even A was having a blast, in fact, she told us that she didn’t want to go back to Washington.  In her words, “it is cold and rainy and not fun there.”  Haha!  That is the kind of attitude spending almost 24/7 in the sun with only a bathing suit on all day in April will bring you!  She has gotten over it of course…all her friends loved having her back and she got to check out the kindergarten classes!

Any hoot, here is a little mosaic of the best festival in the world!  If you ever get a chance to get to Louisana, head to Lafayette in April for Festival International de Louisiane.

Give it up for Hats!

And for the remote shutter release!  Always being behind the camera makes it difficult to capture time spent with your children.  So I invested in a remote shutter release last fall.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Though this picture was taken last year, it reminds me that I need to move myself in front of the camera sometimes and capture these precious moments with my children!  (and to give up control of my camera to my husband, gasp!)

In honor of I Heart Faces challenge on Mother’s Day, here is my family props photo…taken with lots love, silliness, and good times 😀

Go check out some other mamas and give them some love too!

Heading down south…see ya soon!

Going to take a little break from here.  I know I missed all last weeks topics…so sorry but I had been working real hard on getting Method Press out the door!  And it is live right now, check it out!


Anyhoot, I am heading to my home state of Louisiana to visit family and friends and just plain enjoy myself!  I have two new lenses and plan on shooting the heck out of New Orleans and my favorite birding spot, Lake Martin.  Here are some past pics of the south to get an idea of what fun I am going to have 😀

The Figs performing at Festival Internationale
birding at Lake Martin
green heron taking flight
walking on bourbon street

This will be E’s first time to Louisiana so it should be a fun one!  I hope to include the Aquarium of Americas and a river boat ride 😀

Take care and check back here in a couple of weeks for some new pictures.

Today, Two Years Ago

Today, two years ago, I thought I was going to welcome a Charlotte Simone into the world.  Lo and behold, a little guy came out instead!  I was so surprised and happy.  I wanted a little guy all along and when the doctor said girl, well let’s just say it wasn’t exactly the joyous moment it should have been.

This is why I call my son my miracle baby…because somehow he switched from a girl to a boy in the womb 😀  Haha!  Silly me.  It was a pretty good shocker for A, she didn’t know what to think.  For nine months, we told her to expect a sister not a brother!  Luckily she is over it now.  They are so sweet and awesome together.  Love you guys….and Happy 2nd Birthday E!!!