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BleuOiseau Photography :: Portfolio 2013

BleuOiseau Photography :: Portfolio 2013

BleuOiseau Photography Portfolio 2013

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Project redecorate is complete!

So we finally completed my daughter’s room this weekend.  Yeah!

We pretty much had everything ready but were waiting on the mattress.  I got a call Friday saying it was in though it was supposed to be delivered today.

The husband picked it up Saturday and I was so excited to get it all complete…but lo and behold, the foundation was way too high! My daughter would have to get a step stool to get on to her bed.

I was so frustrated to be so close to done that I was going to freak out, lol!  But luckily my husband is a carpenter and just went ahead (with all the scrap wood around) and made slats for the metal bed.

As for the decor, I decided to only buy from one shop because my daughter just loved this print and it matched one that I bought almost 2 years ago.  My daughter is an artist herself so I put a lot of her artwork on display.  I did get her a canvas set of my hummingbirds that I thought added to the room.

I really, really love the paint color and how it brightens her room up now!  So without further ado, check out the new room…

looking into her room, her great grandmother's embroidered art hangs on wall into her room

looking into her room, her great grandmother’s embroidered art hangs on wall into her room

loving all the new storage space and bedding from Land of Nod

loving all the new storage space and bedding from Land of Nod

kept this wall the same

kept this wall the same

BleuOiseau Photography hummingbird 16x16 canvas set...and my son :D

BleuOiseau Photography hummingbird 16×16 canvas set…and my son 😀

Update on project redecorate

Yeah, so the new paint is up in my daughter’s room!  The artwork is as well but I haven’t taken a photo yet.

I really love this color in her room…makes it look so much better!

AND I am sooooo happy those darn circles are gone :/  If you didn’t see the before, check this post out.

Curious about how I am decorating it, check out my pinboard here.




Favorites Friday: Shades of green

















1. Tilissimo  // 2. TuesdayMorning  // 3. Mountainmamahandmade  // 4. MyMonography

fPOE invites you to a virtual Holiday Art Show on Facebook

Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show

Thursday, November 29, 2012 – 7 pm – 10 pm EST


You are invited to Female Artists Virtual Holiday Art Show that Anita Miller has organized on Thursday, November 29, 2012 from 7 PM to 10 PM EST.


















How do you make a purchase?  Every photographer will have their own album of pictures of everything that they will selling.  If you want to make a purchase, please see the directions posted in the album of the photographer that you are interested in making a purchase from.  I highly recommend watching the video featuring a sampling of the work from all the photographers that are participating in this event.  Here is the link to video show  ====> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowVideo. 

Please note that most of the items are available on a first come, first served basis.

I will be online during the show to answer any and all questions. Please send me a PM if you have any question to keep the event board as organized as possible.  Most of the photographers will be available to answer any questions regarding their work and what they have available for purchase.

Please note that if you receive an invoice from a photographer, you must pay the invoice within 24 hours.  If you are making a purchase through their Etsy store, then you must complete your transaction within 24 hours of this event.  All items unless otherwise noted, will ship by the week of December 2nd, and you will be sent a follow up email letting you know that the item(s) have shipped.

Each person who attends this event has the opportunity to win a fabulous assortment of photography prints and gifts!  There are 4 raffles, one each hour.  The first three raffles are valued at $100+ and the grand prize raffle is worth more than $200!  Below are graphics of the raffle prizes.

7 pm Raffle pack—-No purchase necessary!




























8 pm Raffle—-> No purchase necessary!




















9 pm Raffle—–> No purchase necessary!




















10 pm Raffle—GRAND PRIZE—–>No purchase necessary!





















****Although no purchase is necessary, you must join the event in order to enter the raffle drawings.  You have a chance of 30 entries for the raffle.  You will receive 5 entries for entering the event.  You will get 1 entry for liking a Facebook page or following a photographer on Twitter.  Winners will be selected at random.  If you win, the photographer for each item will reach out to you after the event on how to claim the prize item.

Due to Facebook restrictions, we may not notify winners on the fan page, so check back here for a list of the winners!  I will also send a Facebook PM to each winner as well.


Official press release for Virtual Holiday Art Show. ===> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowPR
Interested in attending the event? =======> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowEvent
Video featuring the 13 photographers participating in the event? ====> http://tinyurl.com/virtualArtShowVideo 

Below is a list of all the participants and their information for this event ===>


Business Name: Nature’s Images By Design

Owner: Anita Miller
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Eva Ricci Studio
Owner: Eva Ricci
Discount Offered: 25-50%
Business Name: AnCar Photography Originals
Owner: Andrea Baker
Discount Offered: 25%
Business Name: BleuOiseau Photography
Owner: Ashleigh A. Coyner
Discount Offered: 20-75%
Business Name: Abra Alani Photography
Owner: Abra Alani Cole
Sales Album:
Discount Offered: 15-30%
Business Name: ImagesByCW
Owner: Claudia Willison
Discount Offered: 5-30%
Business Name: Laughter and Love Photography
Owner: Angie Turner
Discount Offered: 20-40%
Business Name: Gidget Clayton Photography
Owner: Gidget Clayton
Discount Offered: 5-25%
Business Name: Angela Rose Photography
Owner: Angela Burtraw
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Beneath Northern Skies
Owner: Angie Rea
Discount Offered: 15-40%
Business Name: Karen Webb Photography
Owner: Karen Webb
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: AngsanaSeeds Photography
Owner:Ivy Ho
Discount Offered: 10-20%
Business Name: Melissa Lund Photography
Owner: Melissa Lund
Discount Offered: 20-50%


We thank you for attending this event and good luck!

This promotion is not sponsored by, and has no affiliation with Facebook.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me ! Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the show!

BleuOiseau Photography featured in this fun treasury challenge!

‘Me And You And A Dog Named Boo’ by tarahunterhintz1

WeDNESDAY’S Midweek Treasury Game 8/22

Trendsetting Treasury Team Challenge #7

Featuring BBTAR

Join our fun!

Red Heart Balloon on Happy Retro Blue Sky - Fine Art Photography (8" x 8") - AndrekaPhotography Love-A-Bull-10x15-Color-Animal Photography-Other Sizes Available-English Bulldog-Animal Lover-Pet-Bulldog-Dog-Fine Art Photography - KimCollinsPhoto Rustic decor, wall art, primitive decor, fine art photography, car art, old rusted teal truck, vintage home decor - 8x8 - CarlChristensen Vintage 1960 Dress - Twiggy Mod Retro - Mini Short Red Dress - Boho Vtg Anthropologie - Mad Men - MyAvonlea
Delightful and joyful necklace made with red and turquoise picasso czech glass beads - BBTAR Smokey Quartz Crystal Red Micro Macrame Necklace - prox Vintage View of Monument Valley Highway - Sepia Toned - 5x7 Fine Art Giclee Print - PixelGallery Light Blue - Dia De Los Muertos Skull Paperweight - Hand Painted - TangosCorner
Dandelion Photo white green weed close up tiny wish blow windy - FirstLightPhoto Large Bold Turquoise and Silver Plated Statement Bracelet - FiberBungalow Photograph, farmers market, roadside stand in North Carolina,Cherries at the Market, 10x10 metallic print - BleuOiseau Love. - SavannahRoseGifts
Custom Made  - The RIOJA COWBOY Boot - mod western mexicano style in turquoise lizard - delaCav Flower Queen - Bead embroidery Necklace - lutita alliteration...turquoise & 14k gold filled earrings - AveryBethDesigns cross bracelet simple bracelet - BloombyMelV

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Stepping outside my comfort zone

I was so lucky to attend a Brooke Shaden Workshop this past weekend in Portland.  If you don’t know who Brooke is, check her out here.  She is such an amazing photographer and after her workshop, I now know she is an amazing person as well.

I learned a lot in her class; from new techniques in Photoshop to better ways to shoot.

If you just checked out her photography and know mine, then you know that we are seemingly worlds apart in what we shoot.  But that is what I love about her work, how very different it is from mine, how rich the colors, and how wonderful the stories.  I now know that I want my photos with people in them to tell a story.  I no longer will be content with just shooting poses!  Oh the fun ideas I can come up with for my kiddos ;D

One technique she went over was compositing which I haven’t tried before (or levitation).  I stayed up until midnight last night working on this and although she has Photoshop and I have Elements, I think I managed to get it worked out.

What do you think?

Group collaboration at workshop




















I was going to leave the photo alone but decided to add my butterfly because I wanted her face to have more meaning, a story.  The butterfly is supposed to represent some sort of spiritual entity she is seeing…this was a lot of fun to play with and I am looking forward to the rest of my images.

Happy Monday ya’ll!

Favorites Friday: Bleu

I have so many new favorites in my list that I cannot decide on a theme!  I will go with a color instead…bleu!

1. I love mugs especially mugs that have cool little details…


















2. What’s not to love about turquoise?














3.  Harry Potter + notebook+ bleu= way cool!

















4.  I love the bleu bokeh in this photo!















5.  Bleu and watercolor= LOVE




















6.  I love the versatalitly of mason jars…and bleu and voila!
















7.  Bleu houses!
















8.  Washi tape, cannot go wrong here.












9.  Lovely bleu linens 😀
















10. A bleu cooking pan=wonderfull!!


Happy Friday ya’ll!!

Feature Friday: The Shutterbug Eye

It has been a while since I have featured an artist on here…so I am going to start with my friend Diane from The Shutterbug Eye!

Diane and I are both leaders of the female photographers of Etsy team and have become fast friends via chats online and through emails as well as collaborators on my project, The fPOE Collective.

This is what she says about her photography:

I try to tell a little story or invoke some emotion with each photo I take be it a field of flowers or a haunted macabre piece. My shop, The Shutterbug Eye™ Photography, is where I try to share the beauty in everything I see and feel be it the moment a flower blooms, a cute animal, an emotion, a quiet moment or the beauty that can be found in rust and decay. All of my photographs are professionally printed on quality archival paper. 

As you can see in her shop she has wide range of photos to offer (and stories to tell). Here are a few of my favorites:



 You can find out more about The Shutterbug Eye below:





Le livre du jour: Today at the Bluebird Cafe

My daughter has library every Wednesday at school.  She usually picks some decent books…I totally love reading anything from Fancy Nancy!  And well,  the Pinkalicious series can hide somewhere in a dark corner for all I care.  But this time she asked a friend to help her find a book, a boy friend.  He chose a dinosaur book that was mostly question and answers, no story 😦  Geez, even my three year old was getting bored with it!

So what’s a mom to do?  She pulls out a tried and true classic.  Seriously the kids sighed when I opened the book, ahh relief, a cool book we know!

I absolutely LOVE this book.  Everything about it is wonderful, the illustrations and the poems.  Of course, it being about birds is a no brainer for me 😀

I recommended it to a friend…Check it out: