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1WORD Wednesday: M A R K E T

farmer mkt eggs
Commander Photo

Mosaic Monday: Hood to Coast 2011

I know it isn’t Monday but I wanted to share the few pictures I took at Hood to Coast!  I had an awesome time with some equally AWESOME women 😀  Here’s to planning our own local relay…

Tuesday Toss-up!

Haha!  Well I totally skipped out on Mosaic Monday so I thought I would do a Tuesday toss-up.  What does that mean exactly?  Not really sure :/  But I want to let you all know about the fun camping trip we did last Tuesday.

The husband decided we should go on a camping trip sorta at the last minute.  He decided on Rainy Lake which isn’t very far from our house.  It was a wise choice.  We happened to be the only campers and the kiddos LOVED it!  I mean LOVED it.  Really.  It was like they had Nature Deficient Disorder and were getting their fix finally.  😀

There was only one spooky incidence.  While eating dinner, I swear there was a low growl from the woods.  I looked back at my husband and we both had that “look” then the dog decided to bark, yikes!  What does my husband say to me?  “It’s only a cougar.”  WTF?  Only a cougar my arse and then the kids all start to chime in, “It’s a bear mama”.  Haha, funny, no sleep that night!  Still a fun trip though.

Here are a few pics of what went on:

We are here!


husband trying out tricks in the lake...don't do this at home!

getting ready for dinner

having fun with the numerous stumps about the campsite

being sweet to each other...for now!

little guy with his cars gummies

yeah we are camping here!

the E giant

my boys

the family

rare photo of me 😀

beautiful way to end the trip...morning fishing, father with his daughter


Mosaic Monday: Gorgeous Skies

There is no shortage of awesome views here in the Columbia River gorge!  But this mosaic is a combination of mostly views from my deck.  I feel very lucky and thankful to live in such a gorgeous place.  I am still awestruck at how beautiful it is here…I don’t think I could ever get used to it 😀

Happy Monday everyone!


I am not much of a city photographer.  I do not exactly live in a city.  So when I decided to bring my camera with me to watch the movie Hood To Coast, I had no idea if I would even attempt to take a photo.  You see, I get embarrassed sometimes when I shoot in public.  Maybe it isn’t embarrassment but I get nervous for some reason…

As I was walking back to my vehicle, I noticed the sky looked really cool.  The sun had just set and there was still a nice light in the sky.  The town lights were nice and warm.  I put my camera bag in the van and was going to drive away…seriously I almost drove away!  But I thought, “I lugged this camera with me to the movies of all places, I might as well take one picture.”  And so I did.

I actually really like it…even the more blury ones 😀  What do you think?

Hood River Nightlights

Jackson Park photoshoot

This post is a little overdue but I thought it would make a very nice monday mosaic.  Especially since I didn’t take any new photos this weekend.  It pretty much was overcast and rained on sunday which I did NOT get to see the super moon, boo hoo 😦

Anyhoot, these photos are from a couple of weeks ago.  I did a shout out on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to do a mini photoshoot at Jackson Park in Hood River.  Let’s just say it was a good thing no one showed up…it was pretty muddy and the E man was a bit moody to boot.  But I did get a few shots of my kiddos for some practice and then we headed over to Starbucks for some warmth plus a little treat.  Enjoy!