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Redwoods here I come!

The family and I are headed out on an adventure to the Redwoods in California!

We are so excited to meet up with good friends and enjoy some nice weather and big trees 😉 The hubs and I haven’t been to CA since his cousin’s wedding (before we were married), so this is really exciting!

I had been really good at posting all last week but going to slack again for this week…but for a good reason this time. Before I go, I wanted to share a photo from yesterday that I took at a local water spot on the Little White Salmon River here in Washington. I hadn’t been to this spot since my daughter was little (she is 7 and 1/2 now!). Well it has its own big trees hence the spot is called Big Cedars Campground. Enjoy!

remember to look up!

remember to look up!

my girl giving a big roar!

my girl giving a big roar!




























Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July ya’ll 😀

Mother’s Day weekend

It has been awhile since I posted anything…what a shame, since I have so many fun photos and new favorite shops to showcase!  I was hoping to post something last night and have the week ready to go with posts.  Hmmm, did not happen at all!

Anyway, I had a fun Mother’s Day weekend and hope you all did as well.  I raced in the Hippie Chick Half Marathon Saturday morning and then took my family to eat at a sweet little pub I discovered last weekend while in Portland, the Huckleberry Pub.  THEN we just had to get some ice cream over at Salt + Straw…awesome, awesome, awesome ice cream (well worth the wait in line).  In fact, the kids and I waited in line while the hubby ran down the road to buy me a Cuisinart 😀  So excited to finally own one of those bad boys!!

The weekend concluded with us heading to my favorite birding spot, Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  We saw sandhill cranes, western bluebirds, tons of common yellowthroats, an eastern tailed blue (butterfly), anise swallowtail (butterfly), redwinged blackbirds, mallards…you get the picture, it was brimming with nature!

So here’s to Nature, a fun weekend and to hoping I blog the rest of the week 😉


Instagram love!

I have discovered Instagram and am totally in love!  I have been using my phone now to take more pictures.  My favorite effect is Early bird.

Yesterday, the family and I went to the Lewis River to hike and have fun.  I brought my camera backpack and wondered why it was so light…I had only brought my 70-300mm, doh!  It is a great lens but when you are trying to capture the whole scene (and especially when you are pretty close to a subject), it doesn’t really work. So I didn’t get any good shots of the entire waterfalls we saw.  I got some great pictures of the water and probably the water droplets :/  Luckily, I had my cell phone with me so I could capture the moment anyway.

I took a few photos and when we got in to cell range, was able to upload them to Instagram.  My husband totally didn’t get it, but hey, he doesn’t have to!

Here are the few pics I took:












Middle Falls













Lower Falls













Happy Monday ya’ll 😀


Beauty in Darkness

I came across Brooke Shaden’s blog post today about being afraid of the dark and her words rang true to me, “There is security in being able to see what is around you that makes you feel safe. If you can see, you can prevent. Darkness, however, seems altogether unnatural unless we are slumbering.”

Even walking outside my house seems like the world has been transformed when darkness comes.  Creatures you wouldn’t normally see during the day start stirring…there is even a different feel to the darkness.  Things you saw as comforting in the daylight…the tall poppy flower swaying in the wind, the squat blueberry bush with ripe fruit, the serviceberry tree ready to drop at any moment with weight of the wind on its leaves…all seem mysterious and somewhat changed at night.

I bet the best stories have been written while peering out in the darkness…what mysteries it holds!  I usually stay up late into the night and sometimes I am lucky to see the moon make crazy light with the clouds.  I actually went out one night to shoot some night photography which is a total first for me.  It was very liberating!

I feel so lucky to be able to meet the lovely Brooke Shaden this coming Saturday in Portland!  She is truely an amazing photographer and I hope to learn a lot from her.  Her blog post reminded me of this photograph I took right when it turned dark and there was just a touch of light left…

1WORD Wednesday: S U M M E R

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Anika Toro

Bluebirds (Lisa)

Summer1_outdoor living rm.
David Wheaton

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summer daisies
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Treasury Tuesday: Clean water for all


Mermaid fish cameo fertility…


Ocean Photo, Landscape Photo…


Dreamy Frog Photography, Tre…


Natural stone jewelry – rain…


You Otter Know – Nature Phot…


River Boys in Flat Bottom Ro…


White rumped sandpiper refle…


Mini Concrete Pot – rustic t…


moving water- acrylic painti…


Seahorse in Teal Tones Archi…


surfer photograph – “ev…


Fish Art – Papercut Rainbow …


Recurvifolia Giant, going in…


Kid Cape by Little Hero Cape…


Bear Art Painting, Blue Whit…


Dill original watercolor pai…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Selfie Saturday: Week 8

I always wanted to do a fun shadow photo with the family.  Luckily I spotted this before everyone dispersed.  We were out bird watching along the Columbia River this day.  Lots of fun with the in-laws in town and so many birds to see!

That’s my husband being silly with me 😀

Happy Saturday!!