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Redwoods here I come!

The family and I are headed out on an adventure to the Redwoods in California!

We are so excited to meet up with good friends and enjoy some nice weather and big trees 😉 The hubs and I haven’t been to CA since his cousin’s wedding (before we were married), so this is really exciting!

I had been really good at posting all last week but going to slack again for this week…but for a good reason this time. Before I go, I wanted to share a photo from yesterday that I took at a local water spot on the Little White Salmon River here in Washington. I hadn’t been to this spot since my daughter was little (she is 7 and 1/2 now!). Well it has its own big trees hence the spot is called Big Cedars Campground. Enjoy!

remember to look up!

remember to look up!

my girl giving a big roar!

my girl giving a big roar!




























Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July ya’ll 😀

Mosaic Monday: National Wildlife Refuge Week

We had such a busy weekend!  There was a lot going on this Saturday.  Lots of festivals to attend, soccer games, meet ups with friends, I love it.  My little chicky had a soccer game early on Saturday then I met up with some cool gals to go over the manual function on their cameras.  I got some shooting time in on my walk home which is why I love meeting up with my friends 😀

We only attended one of the celebration/festivals over the weekend.  There were several in the Dalles area but we decided to head to Trout Lake.  It was the start of National Wildlife Refuge Week  at my favorite refuge.  We headed to Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge (did I mention we are a HUGE birding family, well we are :D).

Binoculars and camera packed, we enjoyed a hayride around the refuge.  The guide was very informative and the view was awesome.  I will have to remember next time to walk out that way with boots on because there is a fantastic view of Mt. Adams.  (Trying to take a pic while on a hayride is plain silly–I tried though :/)  We saw lots of yellow-rumped warblers and even a garter snake sitting on top of water.  The kiddos had a blast and I cannot wait for them to own their own binoculars 😀

Check out the mosaics below and be sure to find a refuge near you, your kids will thank you for it!

Fun around the refuge!

Various locations around the refuge...check out the snake!


Mosaic Monday: My secret beach

How do you start an adventure?  First you find a remote place (well remote enough that a 2year old can walk to it), then you call it secret!

While running one day along the Klickitat River, I saw that you could reach this little stretch of beach.  I thought, hey I should bring the kiddos here one day!  So, I did.  It was only (at least I thought according to my nifty gps watch) a half mile to the beach from the bridge.  Easy peasy right?  Not so much for a tired two year old AND considering it was blazing hot that day!

While it was torture getting there, the kiddos had a blast playing at our “secret” beach.  A called the side pool off the river her mint pool.  E had fun digging in the sand and well the dog, he had fun eating wasps and swimming 😀

Happy Monday!


I am so sorry!  I up and left for vacation and even though I brought my laptop to update my blog…I haven’t written anything in a week 😦  Sadness…but I promise to do better this week!  Lots of exciting things coming up!

I am a vendor at the 7th annual Art + Wine Fusion happening in downtown White Salmon on Saturday, July 16th at 3:00pm.  This will be my first art show!  I hope to gain lots of valuable experience.  I first need to figure out how to set up a 10×10 canopy, doh!  My husband said he would build me a unit that I can hang some framed artwork on…we will see as we fly home on the 14th and the show is on the 16th :/

Any hoo, I hope to have some posts up this week and I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July!

Bien a toi,


Mosaic Monday: Art + Wine Fusion inventory build-up!

Because I will be heading out of town this thursday, I have been doing a huge inventory push.  I have been printing some of my photographs and matting them.  I made several notebooks, photo blocks, cards, and postcards.  What I love about this, is seeing my art come to life.  It is one thing to see your photograph on a computer screen.  It is another to see it gracing a frame or glued to a wood block!  What can I say, I love my artwork 😀  And I hope you do as well!

Here are a few pieces I will be selling at our local Art + Wine Fusion here in White Salmon, WA.

1. more framed artwork, 2. various framed pieces, 3. photo wood block start, 4. love is a river named columbia matted, 5. wine explosion matted, 6. swamp tours matted, 7. unmatted odd sized photos, 8. small notebooks, 9. postcards, 10. large notebooks

Busy bee that’s me!

I have neglected the blog the last couple of days…it has been crazy around here!  My daughter had soccer camp all week and I was getting prepared to meet the manager from the gift store at Multnomah Falls!!!  Yes, I showed her some of products and it was a very productive and informative meeting.  Lot’s to think about and get sorted out!

I am heading on vacation this coming week and need to get some stuff sorted for my first ever art show!  I will be attending/vending at the White Salmon Art + Wine Fusion July 16, 2011 😀  I am so excited for this opportunity to show my art to the community.  It should be exciting and I have some fun stuff show off!  Come check it out if you are in town.

I am also gearing up for a gallery showing at the library.  I will have the White Salmon library’s gallery room for the whole month of September!  I am still working out my theme and what pieces I will showcase but I am thinking it may involve Louisiana 😀

Last but not least, I am still finishing up my editing of the White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon.  Here is a link to my gallery:

Mosaic Monday: White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon

I was very fortunate to take race photos at the annual WS Backyard Half Marathon.  I am a runner so I probably should have ran the race but I decided I would rather take some shots at the top!  I went out on thursday to scope out a new way to the top and was lucky to get some gorgeous shots of the Gorge.  Unfortunately, on race day, it was cold and windy and the clouds kept cycling through so that some runners only had a wall of white as their backdrop 😦  It was an awesome learning experience and the folks at the top rocked the aid station!  Here are a few shots from the race:



Mosaic Monday: Gorgeous Skies

There is no shortage of awesome views here in the Columbia River gorge!  But this mosaic is a combination of mostly views from my deck.  I feel very lucky and thankful to live in such a gorgeous place.  I am still awestruck at how beautiful it is here…I don’t think I could ever get used to it 😀

Happy Monday everyone!