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Feature Friday: Marianne LoMonaco Photography

My artist today is fellow female photographer, Marianne LoMonaco.  She hails from Toronto, Canada (I would so love to visit there one day!)  Her photography is beautiful.  I love her dreamy textures and colors!

In her words (from her profile page):

 In 2009 I fell in love. Hard and fast. Passionately in love. With photography. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Thinking about it. Learning more about it. I was driven to improve both creatively and technically, never satisfied for long without challenging myself. It was that year I found a part of my life I was always meant to live. I completed my project 365 in December 2010. While I learned many things that year I think I really learned to see the world in a new way. 

I am inspired by beautiful light, shadows, lines, colours and the world around me. I don’t have a specific style; I love nature, I find beauty in everyday things and I enjoy thinking up creative shots. I just really love the whole process from beginning to end. 

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

1.  Winter Wonderland…I really love the color and texture in this photo:















2.  Vintage book love…what can I say?  books and hearts=awesome:















3.  Make a wish…really lovely texture makes you believe your wish may come true:


















4. Pinecones…last but not least, this simple yet dreamy take on some cute pinecones is very lovely:

















Find Marianne here:



etsy shop

Sponsor her in 2012 Romp to Stomp out Cancer:


This is for the birds!

Last week, I received the most lovely gift…for my birds!  A friend of mine gave me two bird seed ornaments.  As a bird lover, I was overjoyed (excuse the Angelina Ballerina-ism) to have them.  I had been meaning to make some with my kiddos.  Now I had two and a peaked interest to make my own.

I found a recipe and set a plan to work on making our own once my son went to sleep.

Here is our set up:


I measure and my little chicky pours:


She did most of the mixing and filled quite a few up.  Be careful, this stuff is sticky!!

We used what cookie cutters we had even though some of them had some crazy corners :/

We had a bear, hedgehog, star, angel, snowflake, fox, gingerbread man, two hearts, tree and a snail.

I believe the birds enjoyed them!

If you Google, bird seed ornament, you can find many recipes. I cannot seem to find the one I used! Have fun and remember, it will be messy 😀

1WORD Wednesday: P R E S E N T S!

Christmas may be over but the wrapping paper is still hanging around…

Ashleigh A. Coyner

the day after
Marisa Cieloha

349/365 12.15.2011
Dottie Rinehart

Treasury Tuesday: For that New Year’s Eve cocktail inspired party

Beckoning Branches Nature Ph…


Felted Scarf Blue


Black eco cotton full skirt …


Charcoal Silver 14K Gold Lea…


Free Shipping Vintage Owl Br…


Home Decor Photo Woods Bokeh…


Holiday Pyrite Necklace with…


Black and Green Feather Head…


Natural Lip Gloss in Illusio…


14K Blue Sapphire Ring Vinta…


Clearance Sale – 60% off Abs…


Custom Formal Affair Classic…


Swirly leather mask in viole…


Ginkgo Leaf Necklace Fall Ac…


light blue and brown ribbon …


Tree Wall Art: Unfamiliar 8x…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Favorites Friday: It’s Never to late to send Gifts :D

It is the eve of Christmas Eve but hey you can still send out a gift after Christmas 😀  Here are a few items that I have recently favorited over on Etsy:

1.  Porcelain egg planters…really cool idea!

2.  Practical bonnet infants hat…super cute for the wee one.

3.  Airplants…enough said 😀

4.  Wood locket pendant…such a neat necklace!

5.  Chalkboard mail organizer…love, love, love!

6.  Cool Zydeco t-shirt….:D

7.  Less work more zen…cool concept!

8.  Wooden matching game…love it!

9.  Wine bags…for the wine lover.

10.  Wool felt cuff….seriously thinking of getting this for myself 😀


1WORD Wednesday: C H R I S T M A S T R E E

haha…really two words but…

BleuOiseau Photography

ready for bling
Marisa Cieloha

Christmas Lucky 2
The Shutterbug Eye

Faith Hope And Love

Christmas Greetings
Dotti Rinehart

O’Christmas tree

We have had our tree up since after Thanksgiving.  We had fun picking it out this year and decided to go with a more Charlie Brown tree.

I like its openness and its uniqueness.  It is a Noble fir and pretty grand in my opinion.    It is decorated in a sort of Mardi Gras theme.  (I am from Louisiana, what did ya expect? haha)














What tree did you pick?  And how did you decorate it?  Feel free to join my 1WORD Wednesday  flickr group and post your pictures.

Happy Monday ya’ll!!

1WORD Wednesday: C A N D Y C A N E


broken heart
Marisa Cieloha

Candy Cane Greetings
Dotti Rinehart

Candy Canes
David Wheaton

Treasury Tuesday: Happy Birthday fellow Sags

A gift guide for that birthday girl on your list!

Hint hint…my bday is this Friday 😀

New-Use Two Sizes Of-Zipper …


Less Work More Zen V


midnight blue swarovski cube…


Dot Snowflake Rubber Stamp


Waterfall Royal Blue Scarf, …


20% off Embroidery Hoop Art …


SALE Cornflowers in the Sun,…


Winter Bird Print – Fine Art…


If Not for Your Noisy Tambou…






LEVEL a Multi-level porcelai…


NaTurAL….. Mitaine en lai…


Beach Photography. Sunset Ov…


Revolution Leather Wrapped S…


Cyclist walnut magnet board


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Method Press Issue 03 has launched!